3.1 Billion Blockchain Transactions done in 10 Years

Blockchain Technology is slowly gaining acceptance. Captivating features and use cases continuously is leading to its steady. Recent research by Blocknative captures the progress the technology has made in the past years. The most productive being during the bull run.

The number of transactions in the Blockchain is growing exponentially. Blocknative, a startup tracking the Ethereum mempool, conducted research on Blockchain transactions.

Blocknative took transaction data from the past decade across different crypto networks available. This counts all transactions across 24 crypto networks. They found that more than 3.1 billion blockchain transactions were done from 2009 to 2019.

The yearly aggregate transaction count rose up to 1 billion transactions per year in 2019. The same year alone witnessed more than 37% (>1.1 billion) of all blockchain transactions in history.

The 24 public chains include

• Ethereum
• Ethereum Classic
• Bitcoin
• Bitcoin SV
• Bitcoin Cash
• Bitcoin Gold
• Tether
• Ripple
• Litecoin
• Binance Coin
• Dash
• Decred
• DigiByte
• Dogecoin
• Neo
• Waves
• Stellar
• Monero
• Tezos
• Verge
• Zcash

In 2019, Bitcoin (259.2 million transactions) and Ethereum (242.8 million transactions) contributed to 44% of the total global blockchain transaction volume.

Now is the time to build and grow!

Source: Blocknative



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