Witek Radomski and his wife Carrie got married on the blockchain, along with two more couples. They wanted a new experience while embracing the future. More than everything, they wanted to make it transparent.


New experiences, new fun, adoption! When they have been asked “Why blockchain marriage?”, one of the couples, Rianne and Andrew, said that they strongly believe everything should ultimately be verified by blockchain technology at some degree.

The Smart Contract signing took place on the 7th of April at CoinFest. Someone has even built a giant Moon for the event.


What makes this different from conventional weddings? Also, are you guys going to also do a separate wedding ceremony?


“Witek and I are already “traditionally married”. The blockchain wedding will exist as a record on Ethereum forever. Our contract has some pretty unique functions.“



“Dave and I have married a number of years ago and although our wedding was a ceremony and celebration, a key piece is the signing of legal documents. A blockchain transaction is another formal way to show our commitment. Different contractual obligations and functions can be written into these marriage transactions to make them unique but also verifiable. Likely the way of the future. Thank you, Witek and Carrie, for creating ours.”



“This was a community event to help promote blockchain technologies, the organizers picked a very classy venue which accepts Bitcoin as payment. Canapes were served, expensive champagne was enjoyed and some beautiful blockchain themed art was on display.”


While there is no legal obligation for these signed contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, the couples believe that not too far in the future, the legal system will be forced to recognize them. The use of smart contracts is better than the traditional way because it has the ability to set custom agreements, making the contract unique and public, therefore it can be accessed at any time.

Another benefit of a smart contract is that, unlike the traditional contracts, there is no need to make a new one in case of a new marriage.

Carrie and Witek have added some Crypto to the contract. In case of a divorce, the funds will be Sent to the SENS foundation (same with the other contracts. the other function is to burn the assets, but it would be a waste).

The contract has been posted as open source on GitHub and it can be used by anyone. The couples are expecting more and more people to use such contracts.

Altcoin Buzz congratulates the couples that have participated in the event.


  1. The wedding was absolutely beautiful, and it was followed by a super sweet Decentralized Dance Party through the streets of Vancouver. 🙂

    The wedding vows were also perfect:
    “I _____ take thee _____, to be my cryptographically wedded husband/wife.
    To HODL and secure,
    To both trust and verify,
    In bull markets and crypto winters.
    Through forks, both planned and contentious,
    May our merkle roots always trace back
    To the genesis block of our love-
    From this block, until the heat death of the universe.”


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