KFC Ventures into DLT in the Middle East

Renowned fast-food company, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has ventured into distributed ledger technology (DLT). In doing so, it has launched a blockchain pilot program in the Middle East.

Based on reports, the KFC blockchain pilot program aims to create trust in its advertising supply chain. It also envisions leveraging real-time data and analytics. With this, KFC also became the first fast-food restaurant chain in the Middle East to utilize blockchain technology in enhancing its digital advertising.

Essentially, KFC’s blockchain program will emphasize on the security and privacy of the restaurant’s consumers, advertisers, and publishers. It will also eliminate the possibility of fraud in the supply chain by ensuring every ad delivery. Moreover, it will work on ensuring the registering of ad placement on the blockchain.

Expected advantages

The blockchain pilot program aims to increase the visibility and market penetration of the company while reducing media saturation. The goal is to make the most of ad placements and get maximum ad revenue. As a result, blockchain technology will help the restaurant chain work smarter, not harder, in their media campaigns.

Ozge Zoralioglu, the chief marketing officer for KFC reiterated how blockchain technologies ensure receiving direct information from the target audience themselves. According to her before now, marketers collected data from various different sources and carried out campaigns on these mismatched insights. She emphasized the importance of marketers tapping the original data source, which is the consumer.

The new sophisticated blockchain solution will benefit KFC from viewing and analyzing real-time data and updated insights that are authenticated, tamper-proof, and credible.

“Leveraging blockchain technology’s immutability means that together, we are able to improve trust. As well as, transparency, and efficiency in our supply chain,” Zoralioglu added.

Collaboration with Hearts & Science MENA

To roll out the blockchain pilot program KFC has collaborated with Hearts & Science MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Fadi Maktabi, Managing Director, Hearts & Science MENA also applauded the opportune moment for launching blockchain technology with KFC in the region as the need for faster actionable insights was becoming crucial.

Before now, Huobi had confirmed implementing new trading tools in the UAE and the Middle East. Also, last year, Ripple partnered with the Dubai-based National Bank of Fujairah for access to the finance market in the Middle East.


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