This new document management platform, unlike previous Kodak-blockchain announcements, is an actual Kodak product and not under a third party license.

The platform was registered with the name Kodak Services for Business and will be used by businesses and governments to store and manage sensitive documents. According to the company, the Document Management Platform is built using blockchain technology to ensure efficiency and security. The company believes that the platform will help reduce human management of content, information, and documents, thereby leading to a 20-40% cost savings.

Kodak has been looking into providing information solutions for quite some time now. The firm affiliation as an information solutions provider dates back to a statement in 2013 statement, The firm said it “has transformed into a technology company focused on imaging for business.” It further added that “Kodak serves customers with disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions for the product goods packaging, graphic communications and functional printing industries.” With that statement in mind, and with the company’s activities in recent years, it shows Kodak is in full support of blockchain technologies and in companies involved in blockchain related schemes.

This isn’t the first time Kodak is making use of blockchain. Some time ago, the company created databases using blockchain technology, and even more recently formed a partnership with RYDE Holding. The partnership was formed to establish an image rights platform to help photographers get money from their works by protecting copyright.

In January 2018, under a third party license, Kodak planned to launch the KODAKCoin, which was supposed to work with a blockchain designed to track image copyrights online. In Feb however, the firm was forced to delay the launch of the coin barely 24 hours before the initial coin offering was due to start.

“In light of the increased worldwide regulatory interest in ICOs, RYDE Holding, Inc. is taking the necessary measures to ensure that our offerings comply with all applicable securities and other laws,” the parent firm said. The delayed project launch has, however, be scheduled for July 1, 2019.


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