OBFT Hard fork has been implemented in Cardano mainnet

The IOHK founder and CEO of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, has announced that the Cardano (ADA) OBFT hard fork has been successfully implemented.

This hard fork process will not create a new digital currency. The Cardano network upgrade supports the launch of Shelley mainnet in the next phase. This, in turn, further promotes the Cardano network to achieve full decentralization.

This hard fork will replace the original consensus protocol Ouroboros Classic [Byron Era] and will introduce new protocol Ouroboros BFT. This is an advanced version of the proof-of-stake [PoS] protocol. OBFT will act as a bridge between Cardano’s Byron and Shelley era. After this, there will be another hard-fork that will introduce Ouroboros Genesis.

Following the update, a new version of clients needs to installed by the node operators. Users would need to upgrade the Daedalus wallet to the latest version (0.15.1). Yoroi Wallet users will remain unaffected.

Tim Harrison, The Director of Communications, IOHK stated:-

“Now the OBFT update, Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerance, is a really important step as we head towards the Shelley era on mainnet, because this protocol update, or hard fork, acts as a bridge between Ouroboros Classic, which we’re currently using on the Byron mainnet, to Ouroboros Genesis, which is what will power the Shelley era.”

Source: Cardano.org

Source: Heraldsheets

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