Since October 2018, Oracle has been working with The World Bee Project on trials of it’s ‘smart hive’ technology to collect billions of data points about the health and activity of honey bees. As a part of the program in 2018, Oracle helped fit beehives in London, Reading, and Tel Aviv, with sophisticated IoT devices that monitored their temperature, humidity, weight, and acoustics.

The Honeybee population has been rapidly declining (from roughly 330,000 hives in the 1950s to just over 100,000 at 2000s) which will have a major impact on Nature’s ecosystem in the long run. Patterns identified from ‘smart hive’ technology can be used for more accurate diagnoses of the problem.

The team now plans to move to the next phase of the project using this data. The scope of the project will now expand to

  • Honey-tracing – Oracle will produce a “BeeMark” label, which will ensure that the labeled product is genuine. Information like the health of the bees, temperature of the bees, amount of honey that’s been produced, and needed to maintain in order to get them through the winter, etc are stored in the blockchain which will help to trace the honey from hive to store

  • Expansion in regional cooperation: The project will extend to 60 more locations – 30 to showcase the program and another 30 specifically for scientific research.
  • Increase in data points: Oracle is also investigating whether additional data can be put in the blockchain
    • Checking the type of pollen against that from plants in the locality of the hives where the honey was harvested.
    • Recording the pollen “signature” at source and then comparing it with a sample taken further down the supply chain to see if it has been tampered with.
    • Analysis of the habitat surrounding the hives.


Oracle blockchain verifies real honey

Oracle and The World Bee Project expand partnership following trials


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