Talking about adoption: Spend announced that multiple cryptocurrencies can now be used in over forty million locations, in one hundred and eighty countries using the SpendApp.

In multiple tweets spread out over different days, Spend, a popular financial service company, announced that several cryptocurrencies can now be used in over 40 million locations, in 180 different countries.

The news was already published on February 4, but last week in a series of tweets Spend announced that XRP, Cardano, TRON, DASH, EOS, BNB, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Polymath can now be bought, sold and spend.

The original tweet from Spend:

Retail investors who use digital assets can now easily make payments using the Spend wallet. Spend is working in connection with Visa to enable users to send, receive and store over 16 digital currencies using the new Spend Visa Debit Card. When using the Visa card, digital assets are converted to fiat instantly at a very low rate before spending.

Currently, the SpendApp is only available on iOS after Spend removed the Android version from the Google Play store. According to Spend, the Android version should be available again soon:

“We temporarily removed the Spend App from the Google Play Store in order to make necessary updates and adjustments. Please stay tuned to our page here for updates on when we release it again! Thanks for your patience!”


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