ShareRing To Launch Open World Passport To Help Restore Travel

At a time when global travel restrictions are intensifying, there has never been a greater need for technology to come to the rescue, and ShareRing is proposing one innovative solution.

The blockchain personal identification solutions provider is developing an Open World Passport with the aim of helping to reopen borders while solving privacy concerns for the user.

The innovative solution includes secure proof of health documentation, anonymized contact tracing, and document storage and verification.

South Korean blockchain firm ICON has been working on digitizing ID for a couple of years now.

Battling the Covid-19 Confusion

Currently, the world is still in a state of mass confusion as every country is tackling the pandemic differently, with ever-changing rules and restrictions that even filter down to state and provincial levels. Some nations have already rolled out vaccination programs, while others are still procrastinating as they count their coffers.

A digital solution in the way of an immutable medical passport could alleviate some of the problems that will inevitably plague the world’s population for years to come.

ShareRing offers a range of travel-based dApps from secure booking, shopping, ticket reservation, and payments to its flagship product, a self-sovereign decentralized identity management system.

The ShareRing ID is stored on the user’s smartphone, not in any centralized database somewhere. The digital passport concept takes that even further by including verified documentation such as travel visas, Covid-19 tests, or vaccination status.

Of course, there is the issue of the data being accepted by immigration departments. but the firm is already in communication to spread the word;

“We’re already talking to a huge number of companies across like universities, city councils, countries, COVID test centers, trailer rental companies, you name it,”

At a time when there has been no greater demand for such solutions, ShareRing CEO Timothy Bos tweeted;

The company estimates that the Open World Passport will be ready for launch by March 2021.

IATA To Roll Out Blockchain-Based Passports

In a related development, the International Air Transport Association also said that it will soon roll out blockchain-based passports that can digitally store an individual’s health information.

As reported by FTE, the Travel Pass system has been designed to securely store information such as Covid-19 testing vaccination status. Four major airlines – Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Etihad, and Emirates – have already signed up for trials, which are expected to begin in February.

The head of airport, passenger, and security products at IATA, Alan Murray Hayden, stated;

“This is the beauty of the technology we’re using; it puts the passenger in complete control of their data. There’s no central database and nobody can hack it. The passenger owns their data and they share it with the airline.”

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