Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on 13th of July advocated that Bitcoin Cash could be a solution to existing scalability issues of Ethereum.

Like most of the blockchain frameworks, Ethereum is inherently suffering due to scalability challenges. According to Buterin the scalability of a network relies on its data availability which in turn is dependent on the data layer. Ethereum has been under the knife for scalability issues as the platform has been capable of processing only 15-20 transactions per second.

As said by Buterin on Ethereum Research, Ethereum 2.0 that plans to deliver 10 MB/sec throughput is the ultimate long term plan for scalability challenges. When considering the short term plans, Buterin believes that Bitcoin Cash with a lower transaction fee per byte is ideal to scale the speed. The certain parameters that add to the advocacy as per Buterin are:

  • The 53.333 KB per sec data throughput while Ethereum currently struggles with 8 KB per sec shared data throughput.
  • Exceptionally low transaction and block verification fees
  • The existing infrastructural support of Bitcoin Cash blocks by Ethereum network.

Buterin added that if BCH and its community initiative to establish the zero-confirmation payments techniques for circumventing double-spending issues turn out to be successful, Ethereum could easily achieve the desired scalability by piggybacking on the techniques like Avalanche pre-consensus. The team is also considering Ethereum Classic chain as a data layer that could render a faster block time of 14 seconds but that does not fix the scalability challenges for Ethereum.


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