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Blockchain provides for enterprise solution for various purposes, it is a also a means of fund raising and payment. A lot of the financial world is now looking at this sector for various reasons, find out about such Business and Finance related updates in this segment. Stay tuned to this section to also learn the latest about market cap, XRP, XLM, Banks all here on Altcoin Buzz.

DigixDAO Investors Want Their Funds Back

DigixDAO Investors Want Their Funds Back

DigixDAO has announced its set to settle off its aggrieved DGD Holders, just after carrying out its ICO in 2016. Based on reports, DigixDAO investors...
Cardano is Looking Forward to New Research

Cardano is Looking Forward to New Research

The Cardano Foundation is excited about upcoming research. The company believes it will benefit from its results and is ready to share its details...
Bitcoin Price Diaries: What's On?

Bitcoin Price Diaries: What’s On?

If Bitcoin was a diary, the number of "Dear Bitcoin" entries would, probably, be endless.  The crypto-verse has always dedicated a substantial amount of time...
BSV Will Soon Be in All Our Lives All Da

BSV Will Soon Be in All Our Lives All Day and Every Day, Says...

BSV has received a lot of attention lately. Now, Calvin Ayre, the founder of CoinGeek.com, claims that it will soon become the new norm....
Bitcoin at $6,000, Says Brandt

You Won’t Be Able to Buy Bitcoin at $6,000, Says Brandt

Peter Brandt, a veteran trader, believes that there won't be another significant price dip for BTC. Thus, the opportunity is gone. In a recent interview,...

Swiss Crypto Bank Aims to Boost its Growth

Switzerland-based crypto bank SEBA is attempting a second fundraising round to secure over $95 million for its development. SEBA aims to spend additional funds on...
Bitcoin is being brought over gold

Seems Like Market is Selling Gold to Buy Bitcoin

After an almost flat month, Bitcoin's price is exhibiting subtle movements. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin gained almost 4.6% pushing it slightly above...
Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price Increases After Tulip Trust III Filing

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Price: Has Craig Wright Influenced it?

The BSV/USD trading pair has experienced a remarkable increase. Right after Craig Wright submitted the "Tulip Trust III"  document. Should Bitcoin SV thank Craig Wright?...
New York Lawmakers to Launch Digital Currency

Digital Currency in Big Apple: New York Lawmakers are Supportive

New York lawmakers are proposing to launch a new form of hyper-localized cryptocurrency. It would operate on a peer-to-peer payments platform. Digital currency is becoming...
XRP BITBOX delists

A Gloomy Day for XRP. BITBOX Delists it

Seems like the day wasn't too good for XRP. BITBOX, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, decided to delist it. In an announcement, BITBOX states, "We keep...

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