Cryptocurrency Regulation

Are you keen on finding out how the regulators are treating cryptocurrencies? Then the cryptocurrency regulation section is for you. At Altcoin Buzz, we strive to find out all the peculiarities of the crypto-verse. Especially, when it comes to such tricky issues as cryptocurrency regulation. We examine the behavior of major institutions like the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission and scrutinize its approach to crypto so that you stay in the loop. We also look at other key countries around the world and compare their attitudes. This way, we want to ensure that every reader can make informed choices anywhere and at any time.

100 Bitcoin Hacked: Bittrex to Face a $1 Million Lawsuit

Bitcoin and Hacks: Bittrex to Face a $1 Million Lawsuit

Seattle based investor Gregg Bennett’s Bittrex account got hacked in a SIM swap incident. As the hackers seized control of the victim’s cell phone,...
SEC Drops Hammer on Blockchain of Things Inc (BCOT)

SEC Drops the Hammer on Blockchain of Things Inc (BCOT)

The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has levied a fine of $250,000 on the Blockchain of Things Inc (BCOT). The regulatory commission fined Blockchain...
bitcoin switzerland

More Frigid Crypto Regulations in Switzerland

A new benchmark on the amount of cryptocurrency that can be purchased without personal details now exists in Switzerland. Switzerland is looking to cripple crypto...

Bahamas Securities Regulator Set Regulations for Token Sales

The Securities Commission of Bahamas has filed a draft of the new bill for regulating token offerings. Bahamas’ securities regulator plans to turn the island...

Circle Lays off 10 percent of its Staff cites Market Regulatory Concerns

The company's spokesperson confirmed the news, he told Coindesk that the changes were made as a result of recent market conditions. He pointed out...

India Considers Placing Ban on Digital Currencies

Although, the report is in contrary to reports from December, which stated that different committees of the government opined that cryptocurrencies should be made...

Americans Won’t Be Able to Use Binance

One of the largest crypto exchanges Binance has updated its terms of use. Soon, its services will be unavailable to US-based traders. In an official announcement,...

Libra is Yet to Provide Details to Swiss Authorities

The Swiss privacy watchdog is awaiting an answer from Facebook. It wants to understand how to regulate Libra in its country of registration. According to...
Bitcoin is not accepted as a tax payment in Ohio

Bitcoin Tax Payments No Longer Accepted in Ohio

Ohio, the first-ever US state to start receiving tax in bitcoin, has announced the cancellation of this service. This is according to a press release...
Cryptocurrency and FinCEN: AML Rules Coming Soon

Cryptocurrency Has to Comply, says FinCEN

FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) director, Kenneth Blanco has revealed plans to enforce Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. No mercy for cryptocurrency. The FinCEN director, Kenneth...

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