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PayPal and venmo offer crypto buying

PayPal and Venmo to Roll Out Crypto Buying and Selling: Sources

Recently, speculation has hinted that financial tech giants PayPal and Venmo are looking at adding the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency on their...
Binance Halloween Competition - Trick or Treat?

Binance Halloween Competition – Trick or Treat?

For Binance, this Halloween is going to be one of a kind. The world-renowned platform is already celebrating it. This is according to a twitter...
Coinbase is even considering adding GRAM

Coinbase Looking to List a Lot of Coins

Popular San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase has disclosed to the public that it is contemplating the listing of 17 different digital currencies. Coinbase made...

Binance Lists a Mimblewimble-Based Beam

Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced today, September 20, that it will soon be listing a privacy coin Beam.  Great news for those who love privacy...
What suddenly made BTC so popular?

People Searched for Bitcoin. Why?

A sudden and exceptional spur of BTC searches on Google is indicating something. But what exactly? It is not the first time that the searches...
Americans are no longer that keen on working for Ripple and Coinbase

“No, We Don’t Want to Work For Ripple and Coinbase,” Americans Say

Ripple and Coinbase are taking a reputation hit. According to a new ranking by LinkedIn, Americans no longer want to work for them that...

UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS – Auction begins June 27th

Unstoppable Domains aim is to replace your cryptocurrency address with human readable names whilst offering an avenue to tackle internet censorship. Certain Popular domains...

Crypto.Com Announces Date of MCO VISA Cards Release in the US!

0 (Previously Monaco)  has announced today that they will be launching their VISA powered MCO Cards in the United States and the U.S. card...

Blabber (BLA) IDAX IEO – June 21st 10am UTC

With a complete and fully functional product release, BLABBER is announcing how they will dramatically change today’s social media landscape by turning users into...

Serious vulnerability found in Komodo’s Agama wallet. Move funds to a safe wallet immediately!

In an official statement, Komodo revealed that they were made aware of a serious vulnerability with one of the libraries used by the Agama...