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In this section, we cover the opinion of big shots who have a lot to say about the future of Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain. We pay attention to the opinion of everyone who has a strong stance on the future of cryptocurrencies. These include John McAfee (McAfee Dex), Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV), Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple), Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and many more.

Find out what they have to say about the future of Bitcoin, BTC price and altcoin movements.

Do they believe that Bitcoin will take over the world? Let’s find out.

Bitcoin Is the Single Best Performing Asset - Bill Miller

Bitcoin Is the Single Best Performing Asset – Bill Miller

Bitcoin, over the last few weeks, has been soaring. The crypto gained over 35% just last month, with many analysts predicting a greater price...
Peter Schiff and Bitcoin

Peter Schiff Takes Swipe at Bitcoin. Again.

American stockbroker and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc, Peter Schiff is not a Bitcoin fan. Recently, he made some sarcastic statements about Bitcoin. Peter...

The Litecoin “Flappening” Has Occurred

Some of you may have heard about the Ethereum and Bitcoin "flippening". The "flippening" became a term in the crypto community during the summer...

Binance CEO: Crypto Bull Run Will Happen

According to the CEO of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Changpeng Zhao, a next bull market will happen sooner or later". CZ made the remarks...

Is Roubini the Disguised Satoshi? Asks CEO of Binance

Nouriel Roubini, an American economist, has called Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, a jerk. CZ came up with an extremely sarcastic answer. The crypto-verse is full...

Market Cap And Trade Volume Dropping, Bittrex Introduces Tether-to-TrueUSD Pairing, Vitalik Proposes Cap On...

The current market remains in a bear state Q2 of this year has begun today. So far, the crypto market has not shown any signs...

BitMEX CEO Predicts Bitcoin Will Hit $10,000 in 2019

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes predicts the Bitcoin price will see $10,000 again in 2019. Hayes shared the prediction via a new issue of the...

Negative Stance Towards XRP Is Fading, Ripple Bashers Are Starting To Change Their Perspective

Ripple has become one of the most criticized projects over the last year. Ripple saw the biggest gains of all crypto projects in 2017, but...
QE to Pump Bitcoin Price- CZ Binance

CZ, Binance : QE to Pump Bitcoin Price

BlockDown 2020 is bringing the best brains of the blockchain to the mainstage in a virtual 2-day conference. As BlockDown 2020 media partners, we...
What happened to Bitcoin hashrate?

Max Keiser: “My Bitcoin Price Target Is $100,000 And Beyond”

Keiser Report presenter and one of the earliest mainstream media proponents of Bitcoin, Max Keiser, recently said in an interview that he believes the...