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Blockchain provides for enterprise solution for various purposes, it is a also a means of fund raising and payment. A lot of the financial world is now looking at this sector for various reasons, find out about such Business and Finance related updates in this segment. Stay tuned to this section to also learn the latest about market cap, XRP, XLM, Banks all here on Altcoin Buzz.

Will Coinbase Today Finally Announce The Listing of XRP?

Is today the day that so many people in the XRP community have been waiting for? Today, the  “12 Days of Coinbase” marketing campaign will be...

BULLISH! Crypto Markets Gains $21 Billion in 48 Hours as Bitcoin Tests $3,800!

It's funny how fast things can turn around in this space, and maybe that is why crypto is such an interesting market. Not even...

Coinbase Transfers $5 Billion to Record Biggest Ever Crypto Migration

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase claims to have completed largest ever on-blockchain migration. Coinbase moved a whopping sum of $5 Billion (valued as per Dec 7, 2018) to...

A Rogue Developer Secretly Minted 2 Million Bitcoin Private

A missing line of code created an exploit on the Bitcoin Private Mainchain. A rogue developer took advantage and minted 2 million BTCP. Over the...

The Security Token Academy is Tokenizing Commercial Real Estate Properties under CREST

The commercial real estate world is pivoting towards the tokenization of assets. The real estate world is turning to smart contracts and the blockchain...

The First Crypto MBA Program from South Korea

Citizens of South Korea can now obtain an MBA in Crypto/Blockchain Studies. The course covers more than just Blockchain technology, however. The Seoul School of...

Western Union Exploring Crypto Possibilities?

The remittance industry is already worth hundreds of billions of dollars, and it affects all sorts of countries around the world. For those who...

Waves Platform Raises $120 Million for Private Blockchain Vostok

Waves, a blockchain platform you can use to create your own custom token that also has an own decentralized exchange (DEX), has raised $120...

Finally! Binance Confirms XRP Will Be Added As A Base Pair

The news many people in the XRP community have so long been hoping for: Binance announced today that they will list XRP as a base pair...

Bitcoin Crossed $4,000 After Two Weeks of Downturn

While the American Stock market has already taken multiple hits this week, Bitcoin is on a winning streak. The Dow Jones and Nasdaq went...