Finance and Funding

Blockchain provides for enterprise solution for various purposes, it is a also a means of fund raising and payment. A lot of the financial world is now looking at this sector for various reasons, find out about such Business and Finance related updates in this segment. Stay tuned to this section to also learn the latest about market cap, XRP, XLM, Banks all here on Altcoin Buzz.

Why Is a Crypto Simulation Platform Valued at $1 Billion?

Why Is a Crypto Simulation Platform Valued at $1 Billion?

Gauntlet is the platform we're talking about. They are a financial modelling platform. In other words, a crypto quant company. This is short for...
Time Raiders IDO Coming Soon on Enjinstarter

Time Raiders IDO Coming Soon on Enjinstarter 

Time Raiders is an NFT AAA game that is revolutionizing the P2E space. Change is a constant factor, and the experienced Time Raiders team...
Galazy Blitz IDO

Galaxy Blitz Announces IDO on LuaSwap and BinStarter

Play-to-earn gaming models have grown increasingly popular in recent months. Game enthusiasts relish the chance to earn while enjoying their hobby. Although there are...
Time Raiders

Time Raiders IDO Coming Soon On BinStarter

Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT game platform, Time Raiders, has released details of its upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO). According to the announcement, the Time Raiders IDO...
bitcoin Luna foundation reserve

Why The Luna Foundation Is Adding Bitcoin To Its UST Reserve?

According to the announcement, LUNA Foundation has recently raised a whopping $1 billion worth of Bitcoin to serve as a reserve for its fast-rising...
Plutonians Sells Out on Seedify

Plutonians Public IGO Sold Out In 58 Seconds

The blockchain gaming industry is developing at a remarkable pace and IGOs are providing developers and game lovers with the opportunity to invest in...
GuildFi Gains Funding From BSC's Investment Fund

GuildFi Gains Funding From BSC’s Investment Fund

Blockchain gaming has increased in popularity over the last couple of months, and GuildFi, a crypto gaming scholarship provider, is at the forefront. The...

Pirate X Pirate IDO Coming to BinStarter

Pirate-themed blockchain gaming platform Pirate X Pirate has disclosed plans for its upcoming IDO launch. The launch will take place on the multichain insurance...
Legion Network IDO Lithium

Legion Network IDO on Lithium Launchpad

Legion Network is bringing a revolutionary new blockchain ecosystem where tokens, NFTs, P2E games, and Metaverse get together. They are packed in a single...
KPMG Canada Acquires Bitcoin and Ethereum

KPMG Canada Holds Bitcoin and Ethereum

One of the world's biggest auditors, KPMG Canada, has added Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) to its corporate treasury. The company now joins a...