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Have you been wondering how more Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency are generated? Crypto mining is the answer to all of your questions regarding generation crypto passive income. For a Proof of Work blockchain, mining is a process of transaction validation on a blockchain. Effectively, mining incentivizes the miners with a new currency.

In this section, we educate you about crypto mining basics. Additionally, it brings you the latest news about the mining equipment, updates you on which cryptocurrency mining is profitable and the easiest ways to mine them.

Intel Patent Gives Bitcoin Mining New Hope

Rising difficulty of Bitcoin mining led to the shutting down of thriving cryptocurrency mining establishments in 2018. High energy consumption of inefficient miners resulted...

New Research Shows That Bitcoin Mining Is Cheaper Than Gold Mining

According to research done by LongHash, the annual costs to mine gold costs amount to around $87.3 billion, while around $4.3 billion is spent...

Bitcoin Hashpower Has Doubled Since May

Despite the 70% correction and bear market, the hash power on the Bitcoin network has doubled since May. Since February, the cryptocurrency market has fallen...

Renewable Energy Company In Quebec Gets Overwhelmed by Crypto-mining Demand

Earlier this month, Bloomberg published an article that discussed developments with an electricity generating company that was dealing with “unprecedented” energy demand from crypto-mining...

Use your computer to mine cryptocurrency and start earning Bitcoin

In the early days of Bitcoin, when the currency wasn't as popular as it is today, you had the possibility to use your own...

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Carbon Footprint

One week ago, Earth Day was celebrated across the globe. Earth Day serves as a day to reflect on our contributions to our planet,...

Why Not Mine With A TV Set?

Canaan, the second biggest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining equipment, has launched a curious product which might hit the crypto enthusiasts' sweet spot. From now on, your...

Cryptocurrency Mining Applications Will Not Be Coming to Apple’s App Store

Last week, Apple updated their App Store Review Guidelines, adding new rules regarding cryptocurrency mining. The new rules include a blanket ban on all...

New ASUS Crypto Mining Motherboard Offers Support For 20 Graphics Processors

ASUS, a computer hardware company that specializes in many products, including motherboards and GPU’s, has announced a new motherboard built to support 20 GPU’s. Cryptocurrency...

Hydro-Quebec To Start Bidding War for Power Allocation to Crypto Mining Companies

Recently, Altcoin Buzz News ran a story about a utility company called Hydro-Quebec seeking the guidance of Quebec’s energy regulator, Regie de l'énergie. Hydro-Quebec...