Crypto Mining

Have you been wondering how more Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency are generated? Crypto mining is the answer to all of your questions regarding generation crypto passive income. For a Proof of Work blockchain, mining is a process of transaction validation on a blockchain. Effectively, mining incentivizes the miners with a new currency.

In this section, we educate you about crypto mining basics. Additionally, it brings you the latest news about the mining equipment, updates you on which cryptocurrency mining is profitable and the easiest ways to mine them.

New ASUS Crypto Mining Motherboard Offers Support For 20 Graphics Processors

ASUS, a computer hardware company that specializes in many products, including motherboards and GPU’s, has announced a new motherboard built to support 20 GPU’s. Cryptocurrency...

Dance, you miner: MIT students create a new way to mine crypto

Agnes Cameron and Kalli Retzepi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, have come up with a way of mining cryptocurrencies while playing Dance Dance Revolution,...

Bitcoin’s (BTC) Carbon Footprint

One week ago, Earth Day was celebrated across the globe. Earth Day serves as a day to reflect on our contributions to our planet,...