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Privacy-Focused and Privacy Centric Blockchains

This is a special article about privacy blockchains brought to us by David Freuden, a blockchain advisor at Monsterplay. While encryption is the best way...

BITPANDA: Home of digital assets

Bitpanda is a firm believer in the innovative power of cryptocurrencies, digitized assets and blockchain technology. Their mission is to tear down the barriers...
Privacy, Your Personal Information, and How To Protect It

Privacy Matters: How to Protect Information in a World of Data Brokerage

This is a special article about privacy brought to us by David Freuden, a blockchain advisor at Monsterplay. In our digital age, your personal data...

BLABBER – Crypto Social Platform IEO

With a complete and fully functional product release, BLABBER is announcing how they will dramatically change today’s social media landscape by turning users into...
Token Swap Sale 2

Why Most Native Tokens Will Die After A Token Swap

This is a special article about Token Swap economics brought to us by David Freuden, a Blockchain Advisor at Monsterplay. This is Part 2 of...
Tether: $25 Billion Giant

Tether: $25 Billion Giant

Stablecoins have gained a lot of traction in the crypto market. Many of the stablecoins have slowly started climbing the ladder in the crypto... offers a curious investment technique

Do You Know What Crypto “Portfolio Bouncing” Is? Here Is HodlBot!

Meet the new term "Portfolio Bouncing." Calvin, one of the founders of, began using pre-created automated portfolios to move in and out of...
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Telltale Signs of Identifying Crypto Scams and Scammers

Since its inception, the crypto space has had to deal with many cases of fraud. And crypto scams remain popular. Despite increasing security and KYC/AML rules...
eToro launches Professional Podcast Economize Me

eToro Launches Economize Me Podcast

Fintech firm and social trading platform, eToro, has announced the launch of a professional financial podcast called Economize Me. In a press release shared with...

ASSETSTREAM – P2P Microfinance Platform

AssetStream is a globalized P2P microfinance Platform aiming to replace intermediaries with blockchain technology and ‘bring the bank to your doorstep’! The Problem and Solution: With...