Technical Indicator

Top 3 Technical Indicators For Beginner Traders?

Independent trading techniques called indicators were first developed by experienced traders. Candlesticks, volumes, and S&R are just a few examples of technical analysis tools...
Research on Etherscan

4 Keys to Researching With Etherscan

In the world of blockchain, transparency is a must-have. Hence, every public blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) built from the ground up is transparent. In...

How To Trade Using Support And Resistance Levels?

Simply defined, a support region is where an asset's price tends to stop falling, while a resistance area is where the price tends to...

Quant Compared With Polkadot and Cosmos

The onset of the bear market has begun in Crypto. In 2022, chances to scoop up gems at a huge discount abound. As a...
how to use etherscan

How to Use Etherscan

Etherscan is the to go-to-place for anything related to ERC-20 tokens. It is the blockchain explorer for Ethereum. It is a great research tool...
Resistant stablecoins

What Are The Most Resistant Stablecoins?

The importance of stablecoins to the entire crypto-sphere can not be over-emphasized. Stablecoin brings to life much-needed stability to the ever-volatile cryptocurrency ecosystem. Most stablecoins...
How Important is the WhitePaper?

How Important Is a Whitepaper for Understanding a Project?

You may have heard about whitepapers in crypto projects. However, you are not quite sure what they can offer you. In short, a whitepaper...

Stablecoins See Huge Growth

You may have seen on CryptoTwitter that Terra’s UST just passed Binance’s BUSD to become the 3rd highest market value stablecoin behind USDT and...
Coinbase Unveils New Payment Options

Reviewing the Coinbase Crypto Report Europe 2021

Crypto is gaining popularity all over the world. The number of new participants in crypto keeps growing. We dive deeper into a 2021 crypto...
What is bitcoin

Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin has gained immense popularity over the last decade. This is to such an extent, that the President of El Salvador, has announced Bitcoin...