Binance FAQ part 8

Our Binance FAQ Part 8: 5 Questions About Binance

We keep answering popular questions about Binance for you. With so many worldwide users, it's no surprise that users have questions. Lots of questions....
What's New at Binance.US?

What’s New at Binance.US?

Binance Global has an affiliate in the US. That is Binance.US. Both are well known for their low trading fees. However, Binance.US just added...
3 Reasons Binance is the Best CEX

3 Reasons Why Binance Is the Best CEX

Binance is the biggest exchange when we look at volume. We already pointed this out a few times. In volume, they're even 7 times...
P2P Trade on Binance

How to P2P Trade on Binance

Binance offers a lot of services. But the Peer-to-Peer feature, also known as P2P trade, is one of the most widely used. The P2P...
Binance Pay

What Is Binance Pay?

Sending money to friends or family is an expensive and time-consuming affair with a bank. Crypto changed this, and you can send assets P2P....
Binance FAQ

Our Binance FAQ Part 4: 5 Questions About Binance

Our FAQ series on Binance is doing well. Hence, we have part #4 for you here. We answer more Binance-related questions for you. This...
Swap Farming on Binance

How to Use Binance Swap Farming

When using Binance, it's not only a CEX. There is a whole ecosystem with different apps available for you. For instance, there are many...
Binance FAQ

Our Binance FAQ Part 2: 5 More Questions About Binance

When we look at volume, Binance is the biggest exchange in the world. As a result, each day, new customers sign up. It should...
Futures Trade

How To Trade Futures on Binance?

Futures trading is a common pick for traders who want to trade on the price movement of a financial asset in the future (such...
Binance vs Binance.US

Binance Versus Binance US, a Comparison

When it comes down to daily volume, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world. However, after a regulatory ban in 2019, Binance...