bitcoin price prediction

Can Bitcoin Reach the $25k Price Target Soon?

On the weekly time frame chart of the technical Bitcoin chart, a double bottom pattern has formed. The bitcoin market is prone to shocks,...
how to short bitcoin

Everything About How To Short Bitcoin

The basic idea behind shorting Bitcoin, or any other traded asset, is simple. In the growing cryptocurrency market, so shorting is a common investment...

CoinGecko’s Report: Top 8 Countries Most Interested in the ETH Merge

The ethereum merge will take place on September 15 and the entire crypto ecosystem is eagerly awaiting this moment. Many say that this event...

An Overview of Today’s Metaverse Games

If you've watched the movies "Ready Player One" or "Avatar" before, you would have experienced the idea of a Metaverse game. In both movies,...
OP Price

 Optimism(OP) Dip: Should You Buy It?

The optimism protocol has expanded significantly during the previous few weeks. Despite bearish challenges, it has been further boosted by the overall evaluation of...
bitcoin bounce

Can Bitcoin Bounce Back After A 15% Drop?

The fall began during overnight trading and coincided with unusually high German inflation statistics. Comparable to U.S. PPI data are the German PPI figures....
Sideways market

How Do You Trade A Sideways Market?

The term "sideways market" refers to price movement where the price varies within a tight range over an extended length of time without trending...
KAVA Price

Should You Buy KAVA Before The KAVA 11 Launch ?

The first fully convertible staking derivative, bKAVA, will be made available with the September 8 release of Kava 11, which is forthcoming. One Might...
ETC Price

Will ETC Maintain Its Rally Ahead Of The Ethereum Merge?

Over 200% of growth has actually taken place month for Ethereum Classic (ETC) and its owners. ETC's price increase can be attributed to ETH's...
Fibonacci Extensions

How Do Fibonacci Extensions Work?

Fibonacci extension levels are quite helpful in understanding market reversals and potential resistances. Simply put, Fibonacci extension levels are the critical points from which...