DEX Tokens

Price Levels To Watch For These Dex Tokens: UNI, QUICK And SUSHI

DEXs with cross-chain solutions will be crucial to adoption since DeFi is expected to continue growing after market conditions settle. Following regulatory crackdowns and...
MATIC Price Prediction

What Are The Price Levels To Watch After MATIC’s Pullback?

A bullish breakout has been sparked by developments at Polygon. New scaling technologies may be unveiled this week at EthCC. Additionally, Disney declared that...
Fibonacci Retracement

How To Use Fibonacci Retracement Indicator To Trade?

A common tool used by traders to spot price turning points for cryptocurrencies is the Fibonacci retracement levels. Without this tool, traders would engage...
NFT Tokens Price Prediction

Are These Tokens Due For A Pump?FLOW, IMX, SAND

The NFT marketplaces were extremely active. The market leader is still OpenSea. Genie, an NFT aggregator platform, was taken inside by Uniswap. Gamestop, recently...
EVMOS Price Prediction

What’s The Next Support Level For EVMOS?

Built on the Cosmos blockchain, Evmos is a proof-of-stake (PoS) technology. In essence, it's also a significant interoperability move for the Cosmos network. It...
NFT Tokens Price

Price Levels To Keep An Eye On For These NFT Tokens: APE, EFI, MANA

Compared to a peak of $12.6 billion in January, sales of non-fungible tokens totaled little over $1 billion in June. With 93 customers overall,...
MATIC Price Prediction

Will MATIC’s Price Soon Hit $1 After A 10% Drop?

The well-known social media platform Reddit debuted an NFT marketplace for virtual avatars on July 7. It is powered by the Polygon PoS Chain,...
Price Prediction

Make-or-Break Levels For BTC, ETH and FTT

The cryptocurrency market has experienced a further seven days of falls and volatile price activity. It lost about $50 billion of its overall market...
Divergence Trading

Divergence Trading Guide 101: The Basics

Divergence is a pattern type that can be seen on cryptocurrency price charts that denotes a potential trend change. While hidden divergence is observed...
ATOM Price Prediction

Is ATOM In A Good Position For Another Pump?

In the upcoming months, Cosmos will roll out a brand-new function called interchain security. Certain application-specific chains can use the Cosmos Hub to secure...