The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets to Safely Store your Funds

There are many different types of wallets and choosing the right one can be very difficult. We have been looking at the best wallets...

The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets

There are many different types of wallets, and choosing the right one can be very difficult, but does it really have to be so...

Bitcoin Wallet Electrum Pro can Steal your Crypto

Bitcoin wallet Electrum has exposed on GitHub how a similar service Electrum Pro can steal user data. The claim has been externally verified. Electrum Pro,...

MyEtherWallet Neutralizes 40 Hacking Attacks a Week

MyEtherWallet is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets out there. But it is also apparently the beloved target of hackers: According to the cybersecurity...
What is Nami Wallet?

What Is Nami Wallet?

Non-custodial wallets are important. We pointed this out on a variety of occasions recently. There are also many wallets that support a variety of...

One Month with Sirin Labs Finney – Blockchain Phone Review

  A stylish and secure business phone with great hardware and battery life but not without shortcomings. Overview I was thrilled when Sirin Labs contacted us at...
what is a polygon wallet

What Is a Polygon Wallet? Part 2

This is the second part from our previous guide to the Polygon Wallet. Today, we’re going to teach you how to connect the wallet...
Phantom wallet users

Why Has Phantom Wallet Gained 1.8 million users In Less Than a Year?

Just before this "bear cycle," Solana was in a massive "bull run." From $3 value in January 2021 to an all-time high of $258...
What is Nami Wallet? part 2

What is Nami Wallet Part 2?

We have written several articles about the Nami wallet. Our latest on the subject covered key questions about the wallet, including its compatibility. Nami...

Monarch Wallet: The TOTAL Package?

Would you give your banking information or car keys to a stranger? Heck no! Why? Because YOU WANT TO CONTROL YOUR ASSETS. When it comes...