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In this section, we cover the opinion of big shots who have a lot to say about the future of Bitcoin, altcoins, and blockchain. We pay attention to the opinion of everyone who has a strong stance on the future of cryptocurrencies. These include John McAfee (McAfee Dex), Craig Wright (Bitcoin SV), Brad Garlinghouse (Ripple), Charlie Lee (Litecoin), Brian Armstrong (Coinbase) and many more.

Find out what they have to say about the future of Bitcoin, BTC price and altcoin movements.

Do they believe that Bitcoin will take over the world? Let’s find out.

Seedify AMA with George Kvirikashvili

Seedify is a web3 launchpad launched in February 2021 created to give token holders access to early-stage opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem and encourage...
Introduction to Catbotica

An Introduction to CATBOTICA

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are one of our favorite parts of the blockchain industry. Since the 2020 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, we've covered several NFT...
bitcoin bull market

Bitcoin BTC IS BACK to $23K! Is Crypto Turning Bullish?

Wow Wow Wow Bitcoin is up 35% in the last 15 days!! But in the last couple of months of this brutal bear market...
coingecko 2022 anual crypto report part 2

CoinGecko 2022 Annual Crypto Industry Report, Part 2

This is Part 2 of the CoinGecko 2022 Annual Crypto Industry Report. Here is a link to Part 1. So, let's dive in and look...
Hector dai atblantica NFT marketplaces in fantom

Hector Network Launches its NFT Marketplace on Fantom

Hector Network has announced the launch of Atlantica, its NFT marketplace, on Fantom's blockchain. Alongside cross-chain expansion, Hector has turned its attention to the...
coingecko 222 anual crypto industry report

CoinGecko 2022 Annual Crypto Industry Report, Part 1

CoinGecko released their 2022 annual crypto industry report. There's a lot of interesting information contained in there. So, we're about to give you the...
what kind of crypto trader you are

What Type of Trader Are You? Let’s Find Out!

Since the development of the first cryptocurrency, the number of cryptos available in the market has skyrocketed at a fast pace. Thanks to Bitcoin,...
flare token airdrop

Flare Launches Its Token Airdrop

The Layer 1 oracle network, enables access to data from web2 to web3. It keeps track of data from all kind of blockchains, including...
Kyberswap Leads Ethereum Layer 2 Volume

Will KyberSwap Take Top Spot in Ethereum?

KyberSwap is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) aggregator aimed at offering the best token prices for traders across multiple exchanges. It also helps to maximize...
what is p-chain, c-chain and x-chain in avalanche

Avalanche: What is P-Chain, C-Chain and X-Chain?

Avalanche was one of the breakout platforms of the last bull run. However, despite the current state of the market, Avalanche is still a...