ASUS, a computer hardware company that specializes in many products, including motherboards and GPU’s, has announced a new motherboard built to support 20 GPU’s.

Cryptocurrency mining has sent the price and demand for Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) soaring this past year, thus become a nightmare for gamers and other folks who want to purchase GPUs. However, computer hardware companies are loving the attention, and are trying to accommodate crypto mining as best as they can.

Last year, ASUS released the B250 Mining Expert, with 19 PCIe ports. However, this was clearly not enough for ASUS. Today, ASUS announced their new ASUS H370 Mining Master. Boasting 20 PCIe-over-USB ports, the Mining Master is looking to be the go-to product for crypto miners. PCIe-over-USB is an upgrade to the previous models PCIe x1 slots since the USB connection is sturdier and reduces the number of parts vulnerable to failure during the intensive process of mining. The new motherboard is built to the ATX form factor, supports eighth generation Intel CPU’s, and twin RAM slots supporting up to 32GB of RAM. The motherboard can be powered by up to 3 power supplies.

The new motherboard also offers many diagnostic tools so users can easily discover which GPUs may be malfunctioning. LEDs illuminate motherboard sections to indicate whether the hardware is performing optimally or not. Furthermore, a new UEFI BIOS allows for further tweaking of mining efficiency.

The H370 Mining Master will be available later this year but will be shown off at Computex 2018 in Taipei from June 5-9.


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