TomoChain is now officially Listed on Binance Dex. TomoChain’s  BEP-2 Token, TOMOB is trading with the TOMOB/BNB pair on 07th July 2019 from 03:00 AM (UTC).

This listing will be a great opportunity to add liquidity and bring attention to TomoChain technology. In preparation to the listing, TomoChain issued BEP-2 TOMO Tokens to create a Cross-Chain Bridge with Binance Chain. This step gave TomoChain options of interportability with Binance Chain.

The native token of TomoChain remains as TOMO. With the creation of TOMOB, a part of native TOMO is migrated to Binance Chain. Users will be able to migrate between TOMO and TOMOB (and vice versa) using TomoBridge. The transaction cost is 1 TOMO.

The target was to have 2,000,000 TOMO migrated to TOMOB. The target was achieved in less than 4 days. At press time, there are 765 transactions with more than 2.1 million TOMO swapped via TomoBridge.

TOMO swapped to the BEP2 chain is a one-way conversion for a period of 3 months from listing on the Binance DEX. After 3 months we will enable swapping of TOMOB back to the main TomoChain Blockchain

The news has reflected in the positive movement of TomoChain price with a 32% increase in price in the last 7 days. TomoChain is now trading at a price of $ 0.754.

TomoChain projects itself as the most efficient Blockchain for the Token Economy. It features a 150-Masternodes architecture with Proof of Stake Voting (POSV) consensus for near-zero fees and instant transaction confirmations. Apart from Binance Dex, TomoChain is listed in major exchanges like Hotbit, Kucoin, OceanEx etc.

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