Vault Hill's Q4-2022 Roadmap

Vault Hill is currently developing a metaverse where its users will be able to include assets from all virtual worlds and the internet. Implementing virtual and augmented reality to leverage human experiences supported by blockchain, AI, and cloud computing technologies. 

So, at the beginning of 2022, Vault Hill had a token airdrop. Also, a virtual land sale, and an NFT marketplace launch. And now, this metaverse is bringing 7 important milestones of Vault Hill’s Q4-2022 Roadmap. Let’s discover more about what are they about.

Vault Hill’s Q4-2022 Roadmap

Vault Hill’s new improvements will let users mint and trade different types of NFTs. Crypto art, avatar wearables, rare items, etc. So, let’s take a look at more details:

1) Marketplace Enhancement

The Vault Hill marketplace, which debuted in May 2022, will soon receive more upgrades. So, with these improvements, Vault Hill users will be able to mint their own NFTs and trade them on the VH marketplace.

2) Opening The Vitality District

Vitality (Omega) Area, the second district in Vault Hill City, will soon be open so that you can enhance both your physical and emotional welfare. You may participate in one-on-one or group exercises, meditation sessions, and pretty much anything else that will increase your flexibility and fitness.

We already have several companies that will be delivering their services in the Vitality District, such as Today Fit.

3) Multiplayer Functionality

The “Vault Hill Play” District will contain additional games that activate your body, and the team is now working on building multiplayer games utilizing Unreal Engine technology.

Also, you will find adventure games, the maze game, compete, and climb the leader board to receive prizes in $VHC tokens, which feature squatting and grasping.

4) Airdrop Reward System

Airdrop is a method of distributing incentives such as $VHC tokens or NFTs. So, the token airdrop feature will reward players for completing quests, uncovering easter eggs, and participating in various games inside Vault Hill.

5) Board Table in Play District

The leader board will monitor users’ points across various games and schedule awards regularly. In addition, it will include additional games in the Play district.

6) Vault Hill City Experience Launcher

Then, after launching Vault Hill City’s early access, the team is trying to make it easy for more users to join. The upgrades for the fourth quarter will involve building a special website that anybody may access and download to start the Vault Hill City experience.

7) #The22 NFT Sale

Also, the team revealed the roster for #The22, which features nine internationally recognized musicians. This time, there is a full collaboration with these musicians to mint their artwork for the VH marketplace.

So, you’ll be able to purchase some special artwork and NFTs made specifically for the VH marketplace once these NFTs are on sale.

More About Vault Hill

Finally, nowadays, Vault Hill is developing VHC, its native token, which has the following use cases:

  • Buy/sell digital assets/NFTs (artwork, wearables, collectibles) inside the metaverse.
  • Users can buy VLAND, Vault Hill’s virtual land.
  • Reward users if they inject funds and stake VHC tokens. More info here.
  • A way to monetize: NFT creators who sell in the Vault Hill Marketplace will have perpetual royalties.
  • Pay services inside the metaverse. (40% discount if you pay with the VHC token)

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