ACP-77: Easier Gaming Subnets on Avalanche

If accepted, this proposal could greatly reduce the time and costs to launch a Subnet on Avalanche.

These enhancements could transform blockchain gaming by making it easier and cheaper for developers to launch customized blockchains.

ACP-77: Streamlining Custom Blockchain Creation for Developers

Subnets on Avalanche allow developers to create bespoke blockchain networks with their own rules and governance structures. These are tailored specifically to the needs of their applications. By simplifying and expediting the process of setting up these Subnets, ACP-77 would lower the barriers to entry. This change could attract game developers who might otherwise be deterred by the complexities and initial costs involved.

This means smaller indie studios and developers with limited resources can launch their games on their terms. They won’t need the hefty upfront investment usually required by blockchain technologies.

Moreover, these game-specific Subnets can still integrate seamlessly with the broader Avalanche. Thanks to Avalanche’s Teleporter technology, these individualized gaming chains can connect with other Avalanche chains, ensuring interoperability and the ability to transfer assets across the ecosystem effortlessly. This connectivity is crucial, as it allows games to maintain autonomy while benefiting from the network effects of Avalanche’s expansive blockchain environment.

More About Avalanche with Web3 Games

Avalanche’s gaming sector has already seen significant growth with the development of game-specific Subnets such as SHRAPNEL and DeFi Kingdoms, as well as platforms like Beam and the Blitz app. These applications have demonstrated the diverse possibilities within Avalanche’s architecture, catering to a wide range of gaming experiences from strategic role-playing games to fast-paced competitive platforms.

The potential reduction in startup times and costs proposed by ACP-77 could further catalyze the growth of such innovative gaming subnets. This would not only boost the ecosystem’s diversity but also enhance user engagement by providing more gaming choices. For gamers, this means more unique blockchain-based games that offer true ownership of in-game assets, verifiable scarcity of items, and new economic models that traditional gaming platforms cannot provide.



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