Agora Dollar Launches AUSD Stablecoin on Sui

This marks the introduction of Sui’s second native stablecoin, following FDUSD.

AUSD is expected to significantly enhance Sui’s liquidity and market efficiency, providing a more robust financial infrastructure.

Boosting Sui’s Liquidity and Market Efficiency

AUSD is Agora’s inaugural product, reflecting the company’s commitment to building a global financial infrastructure. The stablecoin is designed to maintain a value equivalent to the US dollar, offering stability and reliability to its users. Set to release in June, AUSD’s launch on Sui diversifies its presence beyond Ethereum-based blockchains.

Sui is the first non-EVM blockchain to host AUSD, marking a significant expansion of Agora’s reach. Previously, Agora had announced plans to make AUSD available on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Optimism. By launching on Sui, Agora taps into the unique capabilities of the blockchain.

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The introduction of AUSD to the Sui network brings several advantages. Primarily, it increases the liquidity available within the Sui ecosystem, facilitating smoother and more efficient transactions. Stablecoins like AUSD play a critical role in decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing a stable medium of exchange that can be used for trading, lending, and other financial activities without the volatility associated with traditional cryptocurrencies.

More About Sui
Sui’s collaboration with ArtFi signals a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize the fine art industry through blockchain technology, paving the way for the tokenization of real-world assets. This partnership aims to introduce Artinals-RWArt digital objects, offering a novel method for establishing fractional ownership of physical artwork.
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By leveraging blockchain technology, Sui and ArtFi Global are poised to democratize access to fine art investments, unlocking new opportunities for collectors and investors to participate in the art market.


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