Are you day trading crypto? Are you a huge fan of cryptocurrency, and none of your friends know about it? Would you like to quickly find people who dig this space as much as you? For this reason and many others, we are happy to announce our partnership with Moving, a Crypto Social App.

Because here at Altcoin Buzz we love to make your crypto journey easier and more enjoyable – emotionally and especially financially. So let’s cut to the chase and look at how Moving Crypto Social App can help you grow your wealth faster while having more fun.

Crypto Can Be a Lonely Place

Do you remember how you felt when you first started to be interested in crypto? Maybe you felt like you’re the only one who wanted to know more. And none of your friends care. How long did it take you to find a buddy on your journey? With Moving, it’s going to be very easy. Because all users there are ALREADY interested in crypto, and that’s why some of them can become your new crypto friends.

Good Advice Is Worth Its Weight In Gold

Sometimes, you don’t feel like pushing a trigger on investment without bouncing your ideas off some knowledgeable friends as your sounding board. This is why Moving can be your dedicated app, where you can create your mastermind groups and have these mission-critical conversations. Because this app has social investing embedded firmly in their DNA.

Who Else Wants to Become a Crypto Influencer?

I know this might not apply to all of you. But let’s say you want to be better known as the good person with crypto investing. Then using the Moving app, it’s the right move to create this branding. For those more ambitious, the app allows you to create a vast and loyal following that gives you plenty of ways to monetize. Maybe even living a great lifestyle, where you can work, follow your passion, and work from anywhere.

Get Latest Crypto Market Updates While You’re On the Go

Altcoin Buzz is going to be one of the premier news partners at Moving app. Find the news you are already used to with the convenience of your mobile phone. They are also adding a well-curated selection of other trustworthy news sources. What I like about this app is that it gives you bite-size information at first. Then with just a swipe of your finger, you will see the full story. This is very convenient when you’re out and about or just standing in a queue, and you want to catch up on the latest market developments.

Get Started Today

The best is to try it out for yourself. After all, it’s free. Just download it here.


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