Aptos Joins Chainlink for Cross-Chain Integration

This collaboration heralds a new era of cross-chain functionality, empowering developers with essential tools.

At the core of this partnership is the integration of Chainlink’s leading services: Data Feeds and CCIP. These are directly integrated into the Aptos ecosystem.

Chainlink Integration: Powering Aptos Ecosystem

By leveraging Chainlink’s trusted infrastructure, developers on the Aptos platform gain access to a solution for building dApps with enhanced reliability, security, and scalability.

What sets this collaboration apart is its pioneering nature. It marks the first instance of Chainlink CCIP and Data Feeds being integrated into a Move-based network. This milestone showcases Aptos and Chainlink’s innovation and commitment to advancing blockchain technology.

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For developers within the Aptos ecosystem, the implications are profound. By seamlessly incorporating Chainlink’s Data Feeds, they can access a vast array of high-quality, real-world data securely and reliably. This data powers various decentralized applications, such as DeFi platforms, prediction markets, and supply chain systems. Moreover, the integration of CCIP enables seamless communication between Aptos and other blockchain networks. This unlocks a new realm of possibilities for cross-chain collaboration.

More About Chainlink

Chainlink and Circle have embarked on a collaborative effort to broaden developer access to USDC and EURC through the integration of Chainlink’s platform services for tokenized assets with Circle’s developer platform. This partnership represents a significant step towards enhancing the utility and accessibility of stablecoins in the digital asset ecosystem.

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By leveraging Chainlink’s industry-standard services and Circle’s developer-friendly infrastructure, developers gain seamless access to reliable data feeds and essential tools for building decentralized applications. This collaboration not only facilitates the seamless integration of USDC and EURC into various blockchain ecosystems but also fosters innovation by empowering developers to create robust and efficient financial applications.


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