Launchpad Tokens

Launchpads are gradually establishing themselves as the core element of the Decentralized Finance ecosystem. They are providing access to a pool of investors looking for the next big thing to small and large cryptocurrency initiatives.

Investors that have access to early-stage ventures benefit from a great deal before the market opens to the general public. Furthermore, due to the low cost of launching on a crypto launchpad, more projects are using them to raise money (or negligible).

The best crypto launchpads thoroughly examine new projects before accepting them. As a need for new users’ verification, a KYC (Know Your Customer) process, in contrast, is typically carried out by a third party. Look at a few Launchpad tokens now.

Polkastarter (POLS)

Polkastater has a large number of decentralized projects, which have been transforming decentralized finance as launchpads have. They have been continuously watching trends, analyzing data, and learning new things.

Polkastarter Gaming was even introduced. A variety of exciting events are planned, including product launches, auctions, and business initiatives focused on gaming and the growing influence of blockchain on the future of the gaming industry. Let us look at the POLS price levels.

POLS Price Prediction

POLS Price

From August 29 to September 1, the POLS token climbed by 10%. POLS can retrace to the important support levels of $0.497 and $0.480 if it is unable to overcome the $0.563 resistance level. To reach the $0.615 significant resistance level, it must pass through the $0.563 resistance level. The price of POLS must hold above the $0.563 resistance level in order for the short-term outlook to remain bullish. Higher time frames continue to be bearish.

GameFi (GAFI)

Initial Game Offering is the newest buzz in town because to the rise of blockchain games or GameFi (IGO). GameFi is a launchpad that offers gaming presale ventures, as suggested by the name. One of the earliest launchpads to establish the idea of IGOs was GameFi. Only one of the four investment tiers offers guaranteed allocation. One lottery ticket is required as a minimum, which is equal to 20 GAFI tokens. KABY Pool and Deathroad IGO are two popular offerings on the platform. Let’s look at the GAFI price levels.

GAFI Price PredictionGAFI Price

Recently, GAFI attempted to close above the $13.85 resistance level but failed. The $9.91 or $8.74 support levels might be put to the test once more. If the bulls are able to overcome and close over the $11.11 resistance level, they may be able to hit the $12.26 and $13.85 key resistance levels for GAFI. (SFUND)

A DAO manages Seedify Fund. You need between 250 and 100,000 Seedify (SFUND) tokens to participate in Seedify IGOs. Nine tiers make up the platform. The second tier is where guaranteed allocation begins, while the first is a lottery layer. Among the video game projects that Seedify has so far crowdfunded are Cyber Trade, Heros Chained, MetaStrike, Penguin Karts, Space, Misfits, and Supernova.

In an effort to encourage growth, Seedify has announced cross-chain integrations with the Ethereum network. With the help of the integration, Seedify will be able to grow its user base, connect with new audiences. It has opened a parity pool between SFUND, its native coin, and Ether (SFUND/ETH), preparing it for integration with the improved Ethereum network. Let us look at the SFUND price levels.

SFUND Price Prediction

SFUND PriceSFUND broke through the important $1.82 resistance level. Support will be there at this price level throughout the next few days or weeks. The $2.01 price level is currently providing some support. SFUND must surpass the $2.35 price level in order for a short-term positive trend to emerge against downward momentum. If it manages to break through, there is further resistance at $2.94 and higher. In the near term, the market structure is optimistic.

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