Best Early Stage Crypto Projects With Huge Funding

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Let’s continue discovering more crypto projects.

1) RSS3

RSS3 is a protocol for information dissemination that aims to establish an open, efficient, and secure flow of information on the Open Web. The Network is made up of Nodes that continuously aggregate data from various decentralized networks, both on- and off-chain.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $10 million via a token sale agreement with DWF Labs.

This protocol is compatible with Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Optimism, Polygon, among others.

2) EOS Network

EOS Network is a layer 1 blockchain that promotes the development of network projects that identifies investment opportunities and allocating funding. At the time of writing this article, this chain has 1767 days without network downtime.

Nowadays, the EOS EVM Mainnet Beta is live. One of his latest achievements has been raising $60 million via a token sale via DWF Labs.

Also, it’s important to mention that this chain participated in the ETHDenver Conference.


INTMAX is a startup that builds innovative zkRollups developments offering low cost, security, tunable privacy and scalability. In other worlds, It’s Web3’s most secure hyperscaling solution that aims to reach to 1 billion users per day.

One of his latest achievements has been closing a $5 million seed round with participation from HashKey Capital, Bitscale Capital, B Dash Ventures, and others.

Also, this project participated in the ETHGlobalTokyo conference, causing that many developers to gather and propose projects on their platform.

4) Ramper

Ramper is a web3 social solution that doesn’t need a wallet to connect to have secure transactions. The platform has an integrated fiat-on-ramp way which is audited with non-custodial KMS.

Also, with Ramper anyone can have an NFT checkout supported by crypto and fiat currencies. One of his latest achievements has been completing a strategic funding round led by Coin98 Labs.

Also, Ramper let its users turn their Instagram’s posts into NFTs instantly with InstaFTs.

5) Cat Labs

Cat Labs is a web3 startup that builds cybersecurity tools to fight crypto-enabled crime. They aims to find, identify and seize phones, PCs, servers, email, cloud accounts, and other digital assets from search warrant returns.

Created by experts in digital asset recovery and former U.S. Department of Justice Special Agents who oversaw some of the most successful criminal crypto cases in history. One of his latest achievements has been raising $4.3 million in a pre-seed round co-led by Castle Island Ventures, Brevan Howard Digital, CMT Digital, and RW3 Ventures.

Also, CAT Labs participated in the second annual Harvard Blockchain Conference.

6) Helio

Helio is a web3 payment platform for merchants that is currently supported by Solana, Polygon, Dust Labs, Magic Eden, and more. This solution integrates web2 platforms with crypto payments that let businesses to purchase products/services with USDC in Solana.

One of his latest achievements has been raising $3.3 million in a funding round co-led by Peak and Lightspeed Faction.

Also, web3 platforms can also use Helio to host NFT pre-sale campaigns.

7) Natix Network

Natix Network is a web3 camera network that maps the world into lands, called “iLand NFT” that people can own to get the protocol can develop the asset by generating data. With this, iLand owners can earn NTXT tokens passively.

This platform start collecting data via cameras (mobile phones, drones, car cameras, etc), mine metadata with data validation and earn tokens throught its marketplace. One of his latest achievements has been closing a $3.5 million seed round fund led by Blockchange Ventures.

Also, this platform is available in Google Play.

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