BNB Chain Updates | BAS to Launch With Three dApps | June Week 1

There are updates taking place every week in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Thus, Altcoin Buzz covers some of the updates from the first week in June to keep readers informed.

In this week’s article, we will see BNB Application Sidechains (BAS) plans. We also take a look at the top gainers in the BNB Chain ecosystem. Let’s examine these new updates.

1 – BNB Application Sidechains (BAS) to Launch With Three dApps

During the week, a press release from BNB Chain revealed plans to launch BNB Application Sidechains (BAS) with three dApps. These dApps will be on BAS and are:

  • Meta Apes, a game leveraging Ankr BAS.
  • CUBE by Metaverse World, a subsidiary of Netmarble.
  • There will also be an On-chain Achievement Token by Project Galaxy. It will be on NodeReal’s BAS blockchain.

There are also plans to integrate MathWallet with BAS as it’ll ease users’ connection to the sidechains. As well as, the protocols which include Multichain, Pyth Network, and Celer.

Additionally, BAS helps developers looking to build on the chain attain qualities like low fees and a fast transaction speed.

2 – Unbound Finance Is Now Live on BNB Chain

Secondly, Unbound Finance, an Ethereum-based optimized lending protocol that utilizes Automated Market Makers’ liquidity (AMM) as collateral, is now live on the ecosystem. With this development, the Unbound Finance community will also be able to leverage the ecosystem’s fast, permissionless, and cross-chain DeFi systems.

Besides, the BNB Chain ecosystem can also take advantage of the following:

  • Interested users will be given the opportunity to access interest-free crypto loans. These loans don’t have the risk of collateral liquidation; they also have infinite maturity.
  • Users on several BNB Chain-supported DEXes will also be able to enjoy Unbound’s innovative yield enhancement tech.

3 – Top Gaining Projects on BNB Chain

Thirdly, crypto data platform CoinGecko revealed the top gaining projects in the ecosystem. Note, this is also the price performance of projects on the ecosystem. Besides, the report covers a 24-hour time frame on June 6, and it’s as follows:

  • GoCryptoMe ($GCME), a decentralized, transparent solution to crowdfunding, has the most gain. It also had a 26.4% rate of increase in price performance within the specified time frame.
  • Charge DeFi ($CHARGE), a BNB Chain elastic supply token with rebase mechanics, is in second position. Besides, it had a 24.8% rate of increase in price performance within the 24-hour time frame.
  • Torum ($XTM), a SocialFi metaverse, is in third place on the list. It had a 15.5% rate of increase in price performance within the 24-hour time frame.
  • Dotmoovs ($MOOV), a Move2Earn app with social-fi and metaverse sports games, comes in fourth place. It recorded a 13.2% rate of increase in price performance within the 24-hour time frame.
  • Biconomy ($BICO) is the project that completes the top five. It had an 11.3% rate of increase in price performance within the 24-hour time frame.

4 – Altrank of BNB Chain Projects

Finally, LunarCrush recently covered the Altrank of projects within the BNB Chain ecosystem. Notably, the report is as follows:

  • Pitbull ($PIT) has the first position in the Altrank of BNB Chain projects.
  • Baby Doge ($BABYDOGE) has second position in the Altrank of BNB Chain projects.
  • Galaxy Heroes ($GHC), a GameFi blockchain project, is third on the BNB Chain Altrank.
  • DODO DEX & NFT ($DODO), a decentralized trading protocol for Web3, is in fourth place on the Altrank of BNB Chain projects.
  • Celer Network ($CELR) is in fifth place on the Altrank of BNB Chain projects.

Notably, a project’s Altrank is based on its community and its market traction, which is then compared to the crypto market.

$BNB Coin Price Analysis

As of the time of publication, the BNB price was $283.47 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,663,994,918. BNB price also fell by 8.5% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 163 million BNB coins and a total supply of 163 million.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest updates.

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