Cardano news july week 3

Cardano ecosystem always has interesting weekly updates. Accordingly, Altcoin Buzz covers the updates from the third week in July to keep readers informed.

In this week’s  Cardano updates article, we look at the new feature on Oura. As well as, some top potential low market cap projects.

1 – Oura Announce New Feature

Recently, Oura announced the addition of a new feature, the Redis Streams. Notably, the new Redis Streams feature will be on the 1.5 version. It also makes it possible for users to react to Cardano events via an important tool for high-throughput, and low-latency stream processing apps.

Besides, this new feature had contributions from Blocksmithy, Santiago Carmuega, among others. It is also important to note that Oura is an open-source tool created with contributions from the Cardano community. In addition, it aims to link data from the on-chain with stream-processing infrastructure.

2 – Gainers of the Cardano Ecosystem

We will also take a look at CoinGecko’s recent weekly report about the top gaining projects on the Cardano ecosystem. It is as follows:

  • Ridotto ($RDT), a cross-chain gambling and lottery protocol tops the list. It grew 33.2% within a week timeframe.
  • Matrix Labs ($MATRIX), a multi-chain DEX aggregator is second on the list. It grew 24.7% within a week timeframe.
  • Orion Protocol ($ORN), a decentralized gateway for cryptocurrencies is third on the list. It grew 14.6% within a week timeframe.
  • GeroWallet ($GERO), a DeFi app for users to easily transact cryptocurrencies closely follows in fourth. It grew 13.6% within a week timeframe.
  • fi ($OCC), a Cardano-supported DEX, and launchpad complete the top five. It grew 13.4% within a week timeframe.

3 – Low Market Cap Cardano Projects with Potentials

Moreover, let’s conclude by going through some low market cap projects with potential on Cardano. Therefore, the CoinGecko report focuses on the trading volumes of these projects within a 24-hour timeframe on the 15th of July:

  • KubeCoin ($KUBE), a cryptocurrency for travel and leisure is first. It has $800k in trade volume within the timeframe.
  • World Mobile Token ($WMT), a digital token that allows users to provide a service on the network is second. It has also $752k in trade volume within the timeframe.
  • WingRiders ($WRT), a DEX on Cardano is third. It has also $532k in trade volume within the timeframe.
  • ADAX ($ADAX), a decentralized exchange protocol is fourth. It has $444k in trade volume within the timeframe.

$ADA Price Analysis

Finally, as of the time of publication, Cardano’s price was $0.4970 with a 24-hour trading volume of $812,000. ADA price also grew 1.1% over the last 24 hours. Additionally, it has a circulating supply of 33.8 billion ADA and a total supply of 45 billion.

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