When looking at the Social Volume metric from our friends at Lunar Crush, we saw CertiK in the #6 position today. This was a surprise to us. What’s going on there? A lot in fact.

CertiK is a blockchain audit firm. They audit chains to see if they have the assets they say they do. Or if a cold storage wallet really is cold and secure.

And they are phenomenal at it. They’ve audited over 1200 projects already. They are currently auditing a couple of projects we’ve mentioned recently like HectorDAO and Splinterlands. CertiK also provides security alerts to teams and users of scams, rug pulls, or attempted phishing attacks.

Lastly, they also have a leaderboard showing ongoing security scores for many projects.

But is this why they are in the news and their social volume (mentions, links, tweets, etc) is growing so fast?

No, it isn’t.

Binance is.

Binance Partnership

Now, Binance is working in partnership with PeckShield and CertiK. Their project is Project Shield. Project Shield is a program to make it more secure for Binance users. The program includes both research and investigations of issues of security. CertiK, along with PeckShield, will be auditing BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens. They will also be auditing tokens before Binance lists them since Binance knows that listed tokens get an immediate bump in price and volume. Binance also knows that listing a token means they are giving the token credibility.

As the exchange that trades the most token pairs, it’s in Binance’s own interest to help the teams that have tokens on their exchange.

CTK Price Activity

CertiK has a coin you can buy. Its symbol is $CTK. $CTK is trading at $1.80, up 8% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 60.2 million and a total supply of 105 million, giving it a market value of $108 million. That puts Certik at #428 in the cryptoeconomy by market value.

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