Chromia Launches Incentivized Testing With 250,000 CHR Rewards

The program offers participants the opportunity to test and interact with Chromia’s technology.

Participants can try out the Chromia wallet and testnet before the mainnet release. 

Overview of the Program 

The incentivized testing program is in three initiatives. We have:

  • HackNet.
  • ProjectNet.
  • QuestNet.

Each initiative runs on a specific network using Chromia’s mainnet release candidate. It gives participants a better experience with Chromia’s technology and working terms.

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HackNet is the testing program for coders and tech-savvy individuals. It encourages coders to check out Chromia’s software and find edge cases. It starts on June 11 and ends on June 28, 2024. If you take part in the HackNet initiative, you can win up to 100,000 CHR tokens.


ProjectNet is for developers and will launch on June 11th. It allows developers to explore Chromia’s programming language, Rell. Developers also get to build Decentralized applications (dApps) using Rell. ProjectNet also has a Demo dApp contest where developers can submit their work from original apps to adaptations of existing ones.

Chromia’s development, business, and marketing teams will be the panelists who will decide the winners. If your work gets selected in the top three submissions, you can share from a prize pool of 50,000 CHR tokens. Submission starts on June 11th and will end on July 26. You have the time to put your creative prowess to work and make it to the top three submissions.

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QuestNet is for regular, everyday users. It is an initiative to promote interaction with the Chromia network using a user-centric dashboard. It starts on June 16th with a prize pool of 100,000 CHR tokens, which they will share through different lotteries.

You should complete all the quests on the dashboard to increase your chances of getting rewards as a regular, everyday user. You have to check for regular updates on their social media platforms and also check the dashboard for quests. 

More About Chromia

Chromia has many features, including gaming, real-world assets, and sports. Chromia is famous for its ability to handle many tasks at once. It also supports gaming decentralized applications like “My Neighbor Alice.” The game is like no other; you can explore virtual lands, interact with visual neighbors, do daily tasks, and earn rewards. 

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The incentivized testing program is a step towards preparing for Chromia’s mainnet launch. Putting Chromia’s testnet out there opens it up to reviews and stretches its functionality. You only know how far you can go when you stretch to specific points or limits.


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