Circle Launches Programmable Wallets on Solana

This new initiative aims to empower developers by offering user and developer-controlled wallets with enhanced functionalities.

Programmable wallets provide seamless integration capabilities.

Empowering Developers with Advanced Wallet Solutions

The Circle Programmable Wallets for Solana promise a user-friendly experience combined with robust features. Developers can now easily launch wallets that support CCTP (Circle’s Crypto Transaction Protocol). As well as USDC (USD Coin) and EURC (Euro Coin) assets. One of the standout features is the elimination of end-user gas fees, simplifying transactions for users.

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Also, this kind of wallet provides a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs. These tools abstract away complexities such as managing private key security, node infrastructure, transaction fees, and user onboarding processes. This allows developers to focus more on application development and scalability without needing deep blockchain expertise.

More About Circle’s Programmable Wallets

Circle’s expansion to Solana adds to its existing support for Ethereum, Polygon PoS, and Avalanche. Future updates are expected to include support for NFTs too. These enhancements open doors to various use cases such as integrating NFTs for loyalty programs and gaming, as well as enabling users to deploy their programs on Solana.

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The launch represents Circle’s commitment to advancing blockchain technology accessibility and usability. By integrating with Solana, known for its high-speed and low-cost transactions, Circle aims to facilitate the broader adoption of dApps across diverse industries.


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