Common Wealth is set to launch its WLTH token on the Ignition Launchpad on May 22nd and May 23rd. Ignition, launched by the Paid Network, helps to simplify access to blockchain projects. 

The launch means investors can have early access to WLTH tokens. The launch mirrors Common Wealth’s goal of leveling the playing field for crypto investments. And allowing anyone to invest in projects with equal access. Common Wealth plans to democratize access to finance.

Participating in the token launch on Ignition is a straightforward process.

  • Register on Ignition
  • Complete KYC if investing over $1,000
  • Ensure you have USDC for your investment. And ETH for gas fees on Base.

The launch of Ignition will provide an extra boost for Common Wealth. Projects launched receive marketing and advisory support to help their experience post-launch. Also, Ignition focuses on community engagement. This means new and seasoned investors can take part in sales.

Listing on Ignition further strengthens Common Wealth’s credibility. The launchpad only selects projects it vets. The vetting process evaluates the project’s market potential and fundamentals.

What is Common Wealth building?

Web3 investment is an unlevel playing field. Venture capitalists dominate the scene. So, regular investors need more access to projects with potential. And earlier. That’s what the Common Wealth team is fixing.

With Common Wealth, anyone can invest in early-stage deals with good potential. The project also uses an earn-to-own model to democratize access. So, by completing a few steps online, you can secure your stake. Now, retail investors get similar access to private-sale crypto deals as VCs.

Common Wealth is enjoying improved visibility, which is a boost. For example, ICODrops already listed the upcoming launch on Ignition. Also, the team applied to CoinmarketCap. So, there’s more exposure on the radar.

$WLTH, the game-changer token

The $WLTH token will go into circulation on May 24th. But how important is this token? $WLTH is an ERC20 token operating on the Base chain. $WLTH moves Common Wealth from being a Web2-like project to a decentralized ecosystem. It changes the project to a platform of financial empowerment.

$WLTH creates an ecosystem where users turn information into value. The token is for all non-transactional investment activities. This includes staking, rewards, and governance. $WLTH serves the following purposes:

  • Fuel the community fund.

  • Reduce platform royalty fees on investment returns.

  • Take part in fund and platform governance

  • Provide contributor’s rewards

  • Provide rewards for participation, learning, and promotion.

  • Enable users to earn passive income from the Community Fund and other dividends.

If all this sounds good to you, then you should start the registration process on Ignition to get your $WLTH tokens. Here’s the link for the WLTH sale on Paid Network.


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