Top DeFi News February week 1

The DeFi space has continued to grow exponentially. Rising to become one of the most important sectors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

This article contains details of some of last week’s top DeFi updates. These DeFi updates include strategic partnerships, token launches, etc. Let’s find out some of last week’s DeFi updates

1. DeFi Launch Goes Live on Avalanche

Multichain project and incubator launchpad DeFi Launch has launched on Avalanche. This means that the DeFi Launch launchpad will now be operational on the Avalanche network. As part of the launch, the launchpad platform has revealed details of an upcoming $DLAUNCH presale.

The presale will take place on February 13th, 2022, and is expected to raise 75,000 USDC.

2. Rigel Protocol Launch on Oasis Protocol

Last week, Rigel protocol disclosed plans to launch on Oasis Protocol. The strategic launch is aimed at bringing Rigel closer to its goal of creating Dapps with an intuitive user experience (UX).

Oasis network is renowned for its scalability, privacy, and versatility. It is also a Layer 1 blockchain designed to ensure a better internet blockchain.

3. Wavebridge Labs Becomes a Chainlink Node

Quantitative financial investment firm, Wavebridge, is now one of the Chainlink nodes. This company provides access to top-notch index data in the Korean crypto market space.

Chainlink is well-known for its reliable, secure, and accurate data oracle price feeds. Incorporating Wavebridge labs will help Chainlink provide data indexes like CMX10, KIMP index, etc.

4. tofuNFT | Solavatar Partnership

tofuNFT formerly SCV Finance has strategically partnered with Moonbeam-based metaverse project Solavatar. Therefore, the partnership will help facilitate the organizing of NFTs on the tofuNFT platform.

Moreover, tofuNFT is currently the largest NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

5. Raydium Protocol Partnership With Atlas DEX

Solana-based AMM and liquidity provider (LP) platform, Raydium protocol, has strategically partnered with Atlas DEX. Therefore, both platforms also launched an Atlas Fusion pool for ATS/USDC trading pairs.

Moreover, Atlas DEX is popularly known as a decentralized cross-chain liquidity aggregator platform. The protocol facilitates swaps and transfers of crypto assets across several chains like BSC, Solana, Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC), etc.

6. Polkamarkets Partners With SubQuery Network

Polkadot-based prediction market platform, Polkamarkets, recently entered into a strategic partnership with SubQuery Network. As a result, SubQuery will aggregate and index the Polkamarket protocol. Also, it will provide users with access to their portfolio or transaction history.

Moreover, SubQuery will provide important details like Market Outcomes, Market resolution. Also, ensure a top-notch user experience on the Polkamarket webapp.

7. Fantom Foundation Partners With Request Finance

According to the partnership, Request Finance will help manage transactions on Fantom Foundation. Therefore, this will help provide Fantom users with payments support and the opportunity to seamlessly track their payment transactions on Fantom.

For the uninformed, Fantom is an L-1 platform with a focus on ensuring transactions are fast and scalable.

8. The Graph Advocate Program Launch

Last week, web 3 indexing and data querying blockchain, The Graph, announced the launch of its Advocate Program. As a result, the Graph Advocate Program will help facilitate awareness and adoption for Web 3.

Notably, The Graph Advocate Program is both governed by community members and also community-driven. Interestingly, the first set of The Graph Advocate cohorts is from 12 countries. Also, there are currently six Advocate roles available namely; Event Evangelists, Content Creators, Text Translators, Community Care, Technical teacher, and Web 3 welcomer.

9. Alter Tokens Now Live on SecretSwap

On the other hand, $ALTER tokens have been listed on the SecretSwap platform. Supported trading pairs include SCRT/ALTER and ALTER/USDC.

Moreover, ALTER is a decentralized communication platform providing a reliable and secure alternative to traditional means of communicating.

10. Bankless DAO And Balancer Labs Partnership

Above all, BanklessDAO, known for its focus on spearheading a bankless world, has entered into a strategic partnership with programmable liquidity platform Balancer Labs.

Previously, Bankless DAO and Balancer partnered in 2021 to launch an educational campaign event with an 80% (BANK) and a 20% (WETH) Balancer V2 LP on Ethereum. Therefore, this year, the partnership will be focused on improving the establishments of SubDAOs.

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