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The news was an open secret that only needed to be made official until it finally arrived on October 28th. Facebook has taken the first step in the massive introduction of the term “metaverse,” and in this article, we will introduce it.

But first, let’s quickly define what is precisely a metaverse to see how Facebook, now “Meta,” has developed.

What is a Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the digital representation of the world, in 3D in the case of Facebook, where it will be possible for each person to do everything they do in real life: play, work, socialize, etc.

This concept is intimately related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), representing all the assets within this decentralized parallel digital universe.

Initially, the term metaverse was built based on blockchain technology, which allows such digital worlds to be decentralized, scalable, private, and secure.

According to CoinGecko, 22 metaverse projects have a total marketcap of USD 13 billion, growing 331.2% in the last seven days. As you can see, it’s a very dynamic sector that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Now, let’s take a look at what Facebook has developed in its Metaverse so far.

Meta, Facebook’s New 3D Experience of Digital Life 

On Meta’s website, Mark Zuckenberg started saying that Facebook’s version of Metaverse aims to give their users a 3D world where they could shop, socialize, play, and do many other things that these technologies will let us do.

Therefore, he highlights that Facebook’s primary goal is to build technology around people’s needs. With Meta, people will have a new revolutionary way of experiencing to achieve a massively more significant economy for everyone. Also, Zuckerberg said that Meta would be the successor to mobile internet.

Here is an introduction video of Meta:

Meta will revolutionize commerce, work, fitness, gaming, entertainment, education, and social. Here is an introductory explanation of how these sectors will be affected:

  1. Commerce: In this sector, Meta will let users create personalized atmospheres to boost creativity in products/services. It will allow people to have a better purchasing experience. This will let businesses to the built community and engage with them in a more optimized way. For example, companies can have a launch party of a product.
  2. Work: Meta will give remote workers a better sense of presence that they used to have when they worked physically in their office without losing immediate contact with co-workers.
  3. Fitness: Facebook’s Metaverse will let users work out on their own by simulating avatars. Also, people will be able to get together digitally to practice a sport.
  4. Gaming: In Meta, the gaming sector will bring simple games into everyday lives with holograms. Also, users will be able to play group games with people around the world represented by avatars.
  5. Entertainment: People will be able to digitally be present in a concert in any part of the world. Also, to participate in meetups and afterparty events with your personalized avatar. Moreover, anyone can buy virtual merch represented by NFTs.
  6. Education: With Meta, students will see 3D information represented in holograms, just like in Starwars. This will let users have a new way to study and do their homework. In addition, people will be able to travel to the past and digitally interact with past civilizations to get a sense of the rhythm of life they had.
  7. Social: People will have a personalized avatar, where you can change their clothing every day just by moving their hands. Also, with Meta, you will create limitless scenarios to gather with your friends and send content to them. In addition, people will be able to make videoconferences, 3D street art.

As you can see, Meta’s goal is to give us a new digital experience of how we live. We are sure there will be much more improvements in the path, so stay tuned to Altcoin Buzz for more information about Meta.

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