Binance Labs Invests in DoraHacks

DoraHacks secures $8 million in strategic funding. Binance Labs provided the funding. It is the VC and innovation incubator of Binance.

Following this commitment, the two companies will collaborate on a variety of initiatives, including more resources for early-stage Web3 startups. Both will also provide:
• joint research and development on DAOs,
• partnership between BSC and DoraHacks on hackathons.

Also included are BSC Grants and integrating Dora’s Dao infrastructure.

Bill Chin runs the Binance Labs Fund. He said that Binance Labs’ always wants to support early-stage entrepreneurs and developers. Chin sees DoraHacks as one of the most active multi-chain developer communities with a lot of exciting Web3 projects. Also, he stated that Binance Labs will work with DoraHacks to expand crypto communities. They will create a more open-source and diverse blockchain environment.

Nicole Zhang is Binance Labs Fund Investment Director. She stated that DoraHacks has a large blockchain development community. She is confident that it will support Binance Labs’ investment portfolio as well as their larger ecosystem.

Eric Zhang is the Founder of DoraHacks. He said: “DoraHacks has collaborated with Binance on 15 global hackathons and grant rounds since 2018. Binance has granted over $2 million in financing to over 100 companies through DoraHacks’ developer events and grant toolkits. Binance shares our mission of supporting Web3 developers around the world ”.

About DoraHacks

Since 2018, DoraHacks is an open-source incentive platform. Additionally, it’s a decentralized global developer community. The project has gained a lot of attention in recent years.

Why? Because they organize great worldwide hackathons for the Web3 developer community. Web3 developers can use its on-chain toolkits to help fund their startups and ideas. Throughout 2021, more than 1,000 projects will receive financing. In addition, their events earn more than $12 million in grants and donations from supporters.

For example, Dora’s mission is to build a global hacker movement using decentralized open-source solutions as its core. The Dora ecosystem includes:

  • DoraHacks
  • Hackathon DAO
  • DoraFactory
  • DoraID
  • the Moloch
  • and the privacy voting infrastructure for governance are all available.

Additionally, developers can use DoraHacks and Dora Factory’s infrastructure to create and fund decentralized governance DApps. Above all, over 20 popular Web3 ecosystems are already employing Dora’s infrastructure. In fact, they use it for quadratic governance of their developer communities, including:

  • BSC,
  • Polygon,
  • Filecoin,
  • Solana.

Lastly, DoraHacks has over 100,000 monthly active members from 152 different countries.

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