dWallet Network on Aptos: Multi-Chain DeFi & Gaming

This aims to activate Zero Trust Protocols (ZTPs). These ZTPs would integrate DeFi and gaming into the Aptos network.

Keep reading to discover more information about this collaboration between dWallet and Aptos.

What’s the Purpose of this Collaboration?

By integrating dWallet’s Zero Trust Protocols into Aptos, Aptos apps do not need complex bridging processes. Users will now be able to sign transactions on other blockchain networks without stress. This would bring more opportunities for DeFi and web3 gaming in the Aptos chain. It would be easier for gaming enthusiasts to connect to the DeFi space and buy in-game assets. 

Aptos is famous for its strength against hacks, transaction speed, and low fees. These features are what everyone is looking for. Nobody has time to wait hours for a successful transaction.

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Since dWallet added more features on Aptos, developers have something to gain. Aptos developers will be able to design the ZTPs with native decentralized wallets. 

How does it Work?

dWallet Network uses cryptographic signatures to approve and process transactions. You can not distinguish a dWallet signature from a regular user’s. This enables the creation of zero-trust protocols that operate across different networks. dWallet allows control over these assets. It ensures decentralization and user ownership without bridging one blockchain network to another.

Omer Sadika, co-founder of dWallet, is happy about the integration. “We’re excited to bring the dWallet building block to the Aptos blockchain to enable ZTPs.” A researcher at Aptos, Professor Benny, gave his two cents about integration leading to multi-chain zero trust. He said, “The dWallet team has done an awesome job to allow the 2PC-MPC protocol enabling multi-chain Zero Trust.”

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Finally, to adopt the Zero Trust protocols, dWallet Network leverages its in-house-designed 2PC-MPC protocol. It enables an ECDSA signature that demands end-users contributions and several validators.

The integration of the dWallet Network with Aptos is a wise decision. It will bring flexibility, security, and cross-chain compatibility to multi-chain DeFi and gaming. It will also lead to various experiences for developers and users.


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