Dydx Updates Software With Real-Time Price Oracle

Version 5.0.0 will bring innovative features to improve market dynamics and user control.

The update approved by the Dydx community also includes the implementation of isolated markets to enhance risk management and collateral usage. Read on to learn more about this update.

Key Features of the 5.0.0 Upgrade

The release of the launch announced the launch of isolated market features. These features allow the segregation of collateral pools and insurance funds on the Dydx chain. It will also benefit the Dydx community as they can diversify their reward generation means and earn from liquidity pools.

Dydx is working on an isolation system. In it, the changes you make in one market will not affect the outcome of others. It might lead to hundreds of new trading markets on the platform. The software also includes Slinky, a high-performance oracle unique to the Dydx ecosystem. It ensures quick per-block price updates straight from decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

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One of the standout features of the 5.0.0 upgrade is the integration of Slinky, a high-performance oracle. Slinky promises swift block price updates from DEXes. The slinky upgrade will save traders time. They will get updates on time and execute transactions faster. It is a win-win for the community because market data is one thing that keeps people ahead in research. The real-time price oracle will provide timely market data, improving your trading experience.

Dydx platform can now handle over 800 potential markets with this latest addition. So, you can get a lot of market data. Specialized assets like Solana meme coins are among these markets. The DEXs community governance permits users to list new assets a few days after a successful vote. They are making this expanded access possible.

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The team also highlighted the recent introduction of the dYdX trading app for Android devices. It is a move to increase accessibility on different devices, even iOS. It will upgrade and improve the trader’s knowledge and increase market data participation. $DYDX, Dydx native token, decreased by 7% at publication.

The decline is expressive of a drop in the cryptocurrency market. In the past month, DYDX has reduced by 33.9%. The upgrade version 5.0.0 is ready to bring it back up as it garners attention with its features.


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