The NFT space is growing by leaps and bounds. Can Enjin lead the global NFT adoption?

Let’s look at these 5 majors reasons why Enjin ecosystem might accelerate the NFT adoption.

1. Jumpnet launching smart contracts

As we mentioned in our previous article, Jumpnet is becoming a very important part of NFT ecosystem. What attracts users the most to Jumpnent is its ability to mint and transfer NFTs without any cost. That’s why more than 50 NFT projects adopted Jumpnet only within two weeks of its launch. Giants like Microsoft, Binance, and Kriptomat are just a few of Enjin’s top-notch clients.

For people concerned about carbon emissions, Jumpnet’s carbon imprint is zero. Just compare that to 13 million tons of carbon emission generated annually by Ethereum.

Now comes the cherry on the cake – Jumpnet is launching Smart Contracts. This will exponentially increase the ways users and developers can use this platform. The ones, who are especially happy, are the blockchain game devs. With zero gas fees and easy scalability, they can launch games with far less cost. As a result, doors to sophisticated games are now wide open.

2. Enjin & Health Hero launching NFT-Powered wellness App

Do you use Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or TikTok? Health Hero gives you a personalized NFT for taking action to improve your health What an excellent motivation to skip those fries and order a salad for lunch!

For investors out there – Health Hero ecosystem is built entirely on Enjin. And users can even trade the NFTs they receive from marketplaces like Opensea and EnjinX. In the future Health Hero even plans to build a dedicated personalized wellness metaverse called the Health Hero City.

3. Shopping.io integrates ENJ tokens

This news is yet another major move to massively build value for Enjin’s ecosystem. Because for those of you who don’t know – Shopping.io allows you to buy products from Amazon, Walmart, and E-bay and pay with over 100 cryptocurrencies. Now you can also use ENJ tokens as a mode of payment!

You will even get a great bonus. Just read the Tweet below.

4. BitStamp Is Listing ENJ Tokens

The good news for investors is not over yet. Popular crypto exchange BitStamp announced the listing of ENJ tokens on August 23. You can now buy and sell ENJ coin in USD and EUR.

5. Enjin & Blockster Launching New NFTs

Last, but not least, Enjin is partnering with Blockster – a new social network dedicated to cryptocurrency. Pay close attention to this. Because not only does it further improve the value of Enjin’s ecosystem, but you can also get your hands on 400,000 pieces of NFTs.

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For more info about Enjin, the future of blockchain games, and what the heck is metaverse – just click on the video below.


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