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FLUF World is hosting 10,000 unique 3D animated rabbits as NFTs. The NFT platform is encouraging users to join the “FLUFFLE” with a host of store partnerships.

FLUF World is a platform that operates with 10,000 “3D animated rabbits” represented as NFTs. It’s also important to note that the Non-Fungible Labs team is supporting the project.  Also, there are some essential details about them while you maintain ownership of all commercial rights:

  • Firstly, FLUFs are unique by a minimum of three degrees of separation as they were created from 270 attributes spanning 14 categories.
  • Secondly, FLUFs are issued in the ERC-721 NFT standard. But you don’t have to keep it only in token form. You can also download it as an MP4, GIF, or PNG file.
  • Finally, FLUFs can provide the holder’s ticket to an ecosystem of exclusive content.

FLUF World Proposed Partnerships

In its official Twitter account, FLUF World revealed several partnerships that cut across areas like virtual reality & augmented reality burrows, monetization & payment companies, a carbon offsetting platform, and a protocol for non-fungible intelligence.

We’ll examine each of these companies briefly:

  • Beyond

Beyond is a virtual reality studio that makes multiplayer games from Aotearoa. They also designed Oddball, a free-roam game.

A significant leak from earlier today revealed that every FLUF would get a private underground Burrow and public Land within FLUF World.

“You will be able to connect your Land to your private Burrow, YouTube account, Twitter account, webpage and become your advertising space. It’s up to you,” the report added.

Importantly, these burrows are created by the Beyond VR game.

  • Centrapay & Sylo

Centrapay is a system that helps merchants by making it possible for them to connect and serve their customers. The platform improves payment services and focuses on building value that can be moved quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, Sylo is a decentralized communication platform.

In a recent blog post, Sylo stated: “In case you didn’t know (or have been living under a rock!), we’ve released support for the much-loved Fluf World NFTs to the Sylo Smart Wallet. One of the top-traded projects currently available on OpenSea, users can now hold, send, receive, and buy Fluf World assets in-app.”

  • CarbonClick

CarbonClick started from the aviation industry and understood how costly and inefficient it could be. Its main goal is that companies can have their carbon offsetting programs. Therefore, the platform aims at ensuring carbon offsetting programs in a simpler, affordable, and trustworthy way.

As a result, FLUF World sees this partnership as an opportunity for “100% Carbon neutral Metaverse avatars!”

  • Altered State Machine

Altered State Machine is an ecosystem meant for building, training, and trading AI agents using NFTs. There plan to roll out a new gaming and finance generation that enables AI bots to interact and compete.

In the future, there are plans for FLUF-NFT holders to be the first NFT owner to receive an ASM brain.

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