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Liverpool residents can now earn rewards while ordering food using Peepl. This is because Liverpool City Region has invested £ 700,000 in the mentioned blockchain-based food ordering platform.

According to the official report, the investment will help Peepl compete favorably with top food ordering platforms like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Peepl will also be built on decentralized payment platform, Fuse Network. According to reports, the food ordering platform will be the first official use of Fuse’s money infrastructure. The payment platform will also facilitate the launch of a native token for the platform. This, in turn, will help unite local communities.

Backed by blockchain technology, Peepl will facilitate faster transactions at much lower costs when compared to available competitor platforms. The startup will also offer reward tokens to its users. These tokens can also be used to pay for future orders. And will also help to facilitate the adoption of the platform by Liverpool locals. Significantly as the lockdown situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic eases up.

Peepl – A Welcome Development for Liverpool Local Restaurants

Steve Rotherham, Metro Mayor of the Liverpool City Region, further added that the app is a perfect example of a community-driven solution. It will help keep funds flowing within the community. This is also very important as most local restaurants are once again trying to find their footing.

Also, during the Covid-19 lockdown, local restaurants had to pay a commission as high as 37.5% to food delivery services. The platform, on the other hand, is offering local restaurants the opportunity to enjoy transaction fees that are about 50% less than existing prices.

Rotheram also revealed that supporting Peepl shows that Liverpool City Region was not “[…] the sort of following the crowd simply.” Adding that, “Peepl has the potential to radically disrupt the food delivery market by bringing together all those values and injecting a lot more fairness – for riders and restaurants alike – to an industry not known for its treatment of workers.”

Reward Model

The blockchain-based startup app is powered by ‘Peepl Tokens.’ These tokens are a type of native currency facilitating ease of transaction between buyers and sellers. Also, they can only be spent within the Peepl network.


Source: Peepl

Customers who order using the app will earn rewards between 5% – 10% of their order price. Also, Peeple tokens can remain locked in the Peepl network for a minimum of four to five years. Therefore, six Peepls’ logistics hubs will be located in each city’s local authority areas.

On the other hand, according to the announcement, Co-founder and CEO of Peepl, Leon Rossiter, said: “The big delivery apps, alongside ride-hailing platforms, extract large amounts of value from each transaction that takes place between people that live and work in the same city.”

Finally, the platform and local restaurants will share the £700,000 fund. £500,000 of the fund will go to Peepl activities and team. While £200,000 will serve as ‘Kickstarter grants for restaurants.

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