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NFTs are still nascent in the blockchain-based cryptoeconomy. Yet, NFTs have continued to garner the attention of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Many think NFTs are the center of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The Funky Shrooms project, however, brings a unique and different twist to this fast-rising sphere. When compared to other NFT projects, Funky Shrooms starts with a unique and different idea. The project has carried out extensive research in a bid to revolutionize the NFT space.

In a report shared with Altcoin Buzz, the project highlighted some of the challenges faced by NFTs like:

  1. Most of the around 10,000 NFTs available today are based on Generative Art.
  2. How to stay relevant and
  3. How difficult it is to retain the attention of users for a longer period of time. This is also because projects like this have low demand and high offers. A major example of this is projects involved in presale events, whitelisting, etc

We see a lot of NFT projects carrying out pre-sale launches, whitelisting, public sales, etc. These huge events will only sustain a project for a while. NFT projects will make huge sales during such major events. However, users are at a high risk of losing funds if the projects aren’t properly maintained after such events.

Funky Shrooms is out to remedy this with its unique NFT concept. The NFT project plans to launch 1025 hand-drawn super cute mushrooms. Funky Shroom NFT artists will spend approximately 20-30 minutes working on each mushroom.

Genesis Family and Forest Mushrooms

The number 1025 has a unique meaning for the Funky Shrooms project. This is because 25 mushrooms are from The Genesis family while the remaining 1,000 are from The Forest. These are the two categories of the Funky Mushrooms.

Also, every mushroom on the Funky Shroom project has “Hat-Dots”. The Hat-Dots signify how closely related a particular mushroom is to the Genesis Family. The Hat-Dots are usually numbered from 0-8. The fewer the Hat-Dots, the closer related the mushroom is to The Genesis Family. Another important feature to note is that only Mushrooms from the Forest have Tiers. The tiers are usually numbered from 1-5. These Tiers also represent the wisdom of a particular Mushroom. A Shroom that is Tier 5 with 0 Hat-Dots is a Super super rare shroom.

Funky Shrooms
Super super rare shroom

How to Get Mushrooms

Funky Shroom releases mushrooms to people every day. Only people with roles on the Funky Shroom Discord Channel will be notified of new listings. There are currently three roles available on the Discord channel. These roles include Master, Wizard, and God.

New users can also get into roles in several ways. To become a Shroom Master, interested persons need to own at least one Funky Shroom NFT. While to become a Shroom Wizard or God, users need to also own at least 3 and 5 Funky Shroom NFT, respectively.

Funky Shrooms

Source – Funky Shroom

Users can also win Shroomies by participating in discussions, quizzes, etc, on the project’s Discord channel. Shroomies are the community currencies of the Funky Shroom project.

The Funky Shroom project is one that could have great potential. Watch this space for more information about this NFT project that is set to revolutionize the NFT space.

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