Hector network updates august 2022

Hector Network keeps busy. August saw a variety of new updates. The new name and website are settling in. Last month, they changed the name to Hector Network. We are going to give you the latest news on Hector Network.

There are a few new partnerships and other updates available for Hector Network. So, let’s dive in and see what’s cooking on the Fantom blockchain.

Hector Network

Source: Hector Network DEX

August Partnerships for Hector Network

August started out in a fast pace. Hector started already early on in the month to add partnerships. Here’s and overview of new partnerships during August.

PayBolt At the start of the month, Hector Network enjoyed a new partnership with PayBolt. This is a payment solution. This app allows you to pay with any crypto you hold in your wallet. However, the merchant decides in which currency he gets paid. This includes no less than 150 fiat currencies. PayBolt is looking into expanding their presence. Currently, it runs on the BNB, Polygon, and Ethereum chains. PayBolt allows sending, receiving, paying, and staking. You can now also buy Hector Network related merch on PayBolt.

CCTIP This is a wallet app. You can use this crypto wallet in combination with your social media platforms. It offers storing crypto, tips, an exchange, and airdrops. You can also earn crypto and grow your assets.

Borussia Dortmund — This is the biggest news Hector Network had this month. They started a partnership with this Bundesliga football team. BVB is a household name in the German league. They also compete at the highest European level. For example, the UEFA Champions League. The team has a worldwide presence. Hector Network already had activities with the BVB. For instance, ticket giveaways for matches and more.

Indu4.0 — This is a strategic partnership. It’s an early-stage investment. This should open up consulting and possible synergies. Hector Network aims this towards their upcoming Metaverse Indu4.0 is a B2B marketplace.

Okse Wallet & Card — This involved a $25,000 giveaway in prices.

The Hector Institute

This is a decentralized leveraging platform. It’s designed together with Ola Finance and the Fantom Opera Chain. It’s a lending and borrowing platform. The Institute works with overcollateralized loans. It’s part of the Hector ecosystem. They added the BOO and sFTMx tokens in August. The sFTMx token is the Fantom liquid staking token from Stader. Stader is one of the platforms dedicated to liquid staking. The following video explains what Hector Institute is and how it works.

Various Updates

Atlantica — The NFT marketplace is still waiting for its release. However, the mascot contest is coming along nicely. Currently, you can view 31 submissions on Creaticles.

Apeswap — There were HEC-BNB Jungle Bills (Treasury Bills) available. They offered discounted HEC tokens with a 14-day vesting period. However, they sold out fast. A Treasury bill is a kind of a bond. You buy them at a discount, for example at $950. When they mature, you receive $1,000. This includes the interest. They are low risk.

Roadmap — With the new whitepaper came also a new roadmap. This covers the rest of the year.

Hector Network

Source: Twitter

SpookySwap — To give better protection to users, Spooky LPs switched from DAI to USDC. Just in case, if there’s a DAI de-peg.

Certik — The emissions contracts completed the Certik audit.

Legal — Hector Network keeps working on their legal setup. This includes proper licensing and accounting. Among others, they are preparing a new corporate structure. This may include making the DAO legal.

Social media and news — The events mentioned in this article raised plenty of social media attention. Hector Network is still ranking as the most popular network on Fantom. For example, their token is doing really well.


Hector Network keeps building during this bear market. This allows them to surge once the bull market starts again. They are still one of the most popular platforms in the Fantom ecosystem. 

During August, we also saw some interesting partnership. The biggest news here was the partnership with BVB. Hector had various giveaways for Borussia Dortmund games.

The Hector Institute added two new tokens, BOO and sFTMx. There was also news from Apeswap and SpookySwap. We also saw updates on the mascot for the Atlantica NFT marketplace.

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