Hector Network Update October 2022

At Hector Network, they were burning the midnight oil again last month. October was busy as usual, and we’re going to update you about this.

So, let’s find out what has been cooking at Hector Network. The official Borussia Dortmund partner.

October 2022 updates for Hector Network

October was a busy month for Hector Network. As usual, we can say. They’re going strong inside the Fantom ecosystem. Here are the highlights for last month.

Partnerships with DePocket and Magic Media

DePocket is a dashboard where you can manage and track all your digital assets. For instance, all your crypto and your NFTs. Currently, it runs on the Binance Smart Chain. Multichain is in the making, with Ethereum, Flow, and Polygon.

However, that was not the only partnership in October. Magic Media was the other new partner. They are an international gaming and entertainment group. Tech is another space they cover. Some of their partners include Disney and Warner Brothers.

Emissions Plan

The Emissions Plan was successfully audited by CertiK. The launch took place on 12th October. This allows former HEC token stakers to keep earning for another two years. After these two years, emissions will end and the HEC token becomes deflationary. Now, we all like the sound of that. In the meantime, the ecosystem will keep growing. A positive development for the HEC token and its holders.

Just Money

Just Money integrated both the HEC and TOR token into their dApp. They are a crypto payment gateway. Business owners can use this as their mobile terminal or as an e-checkout. 

This opens up plenty of new use cases for the two tokens. For example, splitting bills after dinner or in a bar, with instant clearing.

Happy First Anniversary

On 1st November, it was time to celebrate Hector Network’s 1st anniversary. Many Discord and Telegram members caught the happy fall-out in the form of prices and giveaways. You could take part in quizzes, games and much more, to win the prizes.

NFT London 2022 Sponsor

Hector Network is an official sponsor of the NFT London 2022. They also had a booth at the event, held on 3rd and 4th of November. This is a great opportunity to highlight the upcoming Atlantica launch. This is their NFT marketplace.

Listing on Bitfinex

Having their tokens listed on a Tier 1 exchange is a great step for the network. As a result, Bitfinex listed two HEC pairs. HEC/USDT and HEC/USD. The introduction went hand in hand with a trading competition for extra HEC tokens.

Verified on CoinMarketCap Community

This gives the network great exposure to the crypto community. In the long term, their ecosystem will benefit from this.

On Top of the Social Engagement

Throughout October, Hector Network was the most active project on social media. They received well over 10 million social engagements. This is nicely spread out over numerous platforms. The picture below shows the social engagement.

In the Fantom ecosystem, their dApp had the most users throughout October. With no less than 5,83K users. Second spot had 4,98K users. This was by Beethoven X. 

Hector Network

Source: Hector Network Medium


As you can see, Hector Network had indeed a busy October. Big news events are the listing on Bitfinex and various new partnerships. Their first birthday was also celebrated in style. The Hector Network is and remains a top player in the Fantom ecosystem.

The current price of the HEC token is $3.99. During the hectic fallout of the FTX debacle, the token held its ground. Unlike many other tokens, HEC only dropped 15% during the last 14 days. The market cap is $9.6 million. There is a total supply of just over 3.1 million tokens. A total of 2.4 million tokens already circulates.

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